Phil Smith Be Gorgeous Hair Care Range

Who doesn't want gorgeous hair? Phil Smith Be Gorgeous is a haircare range from the celebrity hairdresser with over 10 different collections. There's something to suit different types of hair, colours and problems areas. All of the collections have a distinctive colour scheme making them easy to identify and also bright and attractive sitting in the shower.  My favourite is the Cocolicious range with a sleek white bottle and amazing copper writing. I've got long, blonde, mega processed hair and I was looking forward to trying out a product from 3 different ranges - Hello Moisture SOS Rescue and Cocolicious*.

Argan Oil is well known for it's nourishing properties, it's been a buzz word in the beauty industry for years. This conditioner felt quite light and creamy in my hand before feeling a similar way in my hair. A heavy conditioner can make my hair feel greasy and lifeless but this one was the complete opposite both in the shower and once I'd finished my blow dry. It takes a while to notice actual signs of repair but my hair did feel stronger and healthier, ready to be styled.

The part I was excited about was the scent and it didn't disappoint. It smelt amazing and definitely earned it's Cocolicious name. Unfortunately this didn't leave my hair feeling as silky in the shower as I was expecting, which is a shame. I'm not sure how hydrating this actually is but maybe paired with the rest of the range it would be a favourite.

I love an intensive conditioning treatment. It's part of being a blondie who's partial to straightening and curling. I quite often use a conditioning treatment in place of a normal conditioner just to keep my hair in really good condition. This one with shea butter didn't disappoint. My hair felt smooth and hydrated in the shower after leaving it in for 5 minutes (I've also tried 15 minutes for a proper pamper night too). After washing it out, drying my hair and styling it my hair felt smooth and a little less tangled than usual. 

Phil Smith haircare is available from Sainsbury's at only £3.50 each which is a really fair, and affordable price. There's no need to spend a fortune when you can get gorgeous hair at high street prices. Unforftunately I don't have a Sainsbury's anywhere near me so I'll be stocking up at any chance I can. I wonder if Phil Smith uses his products on celebrities too?

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