Matalan Homeware Top Picks

I love Matalan homeware. We bought loads there when we first moved into our house about a year and a half ago (how has it gone that quickly!?). It's also the first place I go when Christmas starts creeping in because their decorations are also gorgeous and great value. So with that, it's been a few months since I've checked out their latest arrivals. It didn't take long for me to be longing for a basket full! Here's my top picks from their new homeware...

Clip Photo Frame
This style of photo frame is one of my favourite. They're easier to change but also look cute and quirky in any room. We have so many photos together it would be easy to fill this up.

Heart Print Oven Gloves
I hate to admit it but the oven gloves in our kitchen are still our Christmas ones! We need something new and because our kitchen is grey and blue these mint coloured ones would be perfect. The hearts aren't too over the top girly so I'd definitely get away with it.

Heart Shaped Chopping Board
Since starting Slimming World at the start of the year I've been loving cooking so much more. We have 2 plastic chopping boards but there are times when the recipe has me chopping loads of different things I could do with an extra. Also, what's peoples' opinions on wood vs. plastic chopping boards? I feel like a wooden one might be more hygienic?

Heart Print Mug
How Emma Bridgewater is this mug? Also, how heart themed is this post? This mug looks simple, gorgeous and is no where near the price tag of the designer version. It would be easy to make a little set of these as a gift for Mum for Mother's Day or a housewarming present.

Bunny Mug
If you don't know we've got a Lionhead rabbit so rabbit themed things tend to be a winner in our house. This bunny mug is obviously part of their Easter collection but I can so imagine my fiancĂ© drinking his coffee out of this every morning. 

Metal Drinks Bucket
Speaking of my fiancĂ©, I would win huge brownie points if I bought this sleek beer barrel for him. Can you imagine this packed full of ice and stocked up with beer for a BBQ in the summer? As long as he'd let me sneak a couple of prosecco bottles in there I'd quite happily oblige.

Eat more Veggies Towel
This is an ultimate Slimming World tea towel... got to get that speed food in! I love the cute cartoon veggies. Do I need more of an excuse to buy this?

Mason Jar Lights
Matalan has loads of fairy lights in at the moment but these mason jar ones caught my eye. I'm not sure where I'd put them but I instantly thought of cocktail nights or BBQs when I saw them. The colours are beaut too!

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