Accessorize Love Lily Fragrance Review

I have to start this review off by mentioning the design! The floral box is gorgeous, the hexagonal clear bottle is simple and then you see the lid. The big, fuchsia lily inside the glass lid makes this a dressing table beauty. It's not often you'd associate Accessorize with fragrances but after trying out the Monsoon Rose Gold perfume last year I was really excited to try the High Street Love Lily Eau De Toilette. A quick look at the notes and I was looking forward to a sweet day time scent.
Top notes
Bergamot, raspberry and orange.
Middle notes
Jasmine and lily-of-the-valley
Base notes
vanilla and musk

It's a lovely sweet fragrance and the vanilla was one of my favourite parts. The musky side comes through slightly helping this move away from a sickly sweet, teen fragrance to one that would suit young women as well as those getting into the beauty scene. Although it's not very strong or overpowering I found that unfortunately the fragrance doesn't last long. I'll be keeping this for a day time fragrance as it doesn't make a big enough impact to be a night out, special occasion scent.

At less than £20 for a really big (and beautiful) bottle it would make an excellent gift. It's easy to find in store at Accessorize or from The Fragrance Shop online. Makes for a good fragrance to keep handy at your office, in your car or pride of place on your dressing table.

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