Valentine's Day Your Way

Valentine's Day is coming up next month, and many couples are already planning what to do. There are some things you need to sort out far in advance if you want to make sure it's arranged. However, not every couple is a huge fan of the romantic day. You might think it's a bit schmaltzy, prefer to show your love more spontaneously, or just find it boring. Still, you might want to do something on the day, just because you can. You might like the idea of the day but find the typical activities don't really suit you as a couple. How about trying one of these activities instead?

Get Active
If you're an active couple, why not do something fun together on or around Valentine's Day. Doing something you love together is always an excellent way to celebrate and reinforce your love for each other. Perhaps sometimes you go to the gym together or go out for a couple's jog. But since it's a special occasion, you could try something different. Maybe you can find somewhere to go white water rafting or bungee jumping. Or you could do something a bit whacky like zorbing. For something more sedate, you could just go on a hike or a bike ride together.

Spend Valentine's Day with Other People
Who says Valentine's Day has to be for just the two of you? You could get together with some other couples or even some of your single friends. In fact, if you have friends who are feeling down about being alone on the big day, you can ensure they're not sitting at home with a tub of ice-cream. Maybe there could even be some match-making involved. Go out to dinner together, see a movie at the cinema or perhaps just invite everyone to your house to hang out.

Do Something Fitting of the Real St Valentine
How much do you know about Saint Valentine? He might represent love now, but little is known about the real man. One thing that is fairly certain is that he was arrested and executed, supposedly for marrying Christian couples. He suffered a particularly gruesome death, beaten with clubs and stones, before being beheaded. If you're more interested in grisly history than chocolates and flowers, you could incorporate it into your Valentine's Day. Take a trip to London and go on the Jack the Ripper Tour or visit the Tower of London.

Stay In
Plenty of couples are sure to stay in on Valentine's Day. However, while some have candlelit dinners and nights full of passion, maybe you just can't be bothered. If you would rather not have to make any effort on Valentine's Day, there's nothing wrong with a takeaway and a bottle of wine. Valentine's Day is a school night, after all. Put a film on or get ready to marathon some TV instead. You don't have to do anything spectacular to enjoy each other's company.

If you're not the kind of lovey-dovey couple to do Valentine's Day the traditional way, just find your own way of doing things.

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