Time to Change the Wedding Traditions?

I love weddings just as much as the next girl but I do think it’s time that we ridded ourselves of some of the oldest ceremonial traditions. Some may say they are annoying, old fashioned, sexist or really just quite insulting.
Permission For Your Daughter's Hand?
I’m sure there are plenty of girls who will be at least the second person to know they are going to get a proposal this year. That’s because there are still lots of men and women who believe that a guy should ask the father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. While this might sound quite sweet it’s difficult to ignore the origins of this idea. It’s a keepsake from a time when women were seen as the property of their father until they were handed off to their husband or even sold, like a slave. Wonderful, right? So, why has this tradition lasted for so long? Well, most people see it as having a different meaning now. Basically, when you’re young your father protects you. Once you get married this honour passes to the husband. But that still leaves the idea that women can’t look after themselves completely intact. I don't see it this way and I thought it was one of the sweetest things when I found out my fiance had asked my parents for their approval.

Don’t Worry Your Parents Will Pay
Another old idea from a weird and worst time that seems to have endured through the ages is that the parents of the bride pay for the wedding. Why did this happen? Getting your daughters married off was the aim of the game back in the victorian times so fathers would pay for the ceremony as an act of gratitude. You’d be surprised how often this tradition is still followed in the build up to a wedding. But, you might want to be careful before you bring up the idea with your soon to be in laws. Try it and there might not be a wedding to celebrate. Thankfully for us we've broached this subject and agreed that it's not for my parents to pay in full!

Guys Choose The Engagement Ring
It’s always very romantic when a guy gets the proposal right and chooses the perfect ring. But what about when they get it wrong. Then the bride to be ends up with a lumpy mess on her finger that barely glistens for the rest of her life. Perhaps it’s time that like the wedding rings, the engagement ring is chosen together. Then you’ll be able to choose your own from a stunning selection such as Verragio rings. That way you can get exactly what you want. This is what we did while in New York. We ended up loving the same one which was perfect.

Must Cost A Fortune
This is one of the rare occasions when we can actually learn from the past. Many years ago the wedding wasn’t seen as the massive event that it is today. Instead, attention was on the cost of setting up a home and more importantly the honeymoon. There must be at least a few people who would like this type of thinking to return. After all, when you think about it a wedding is now just a massive party that could put you in debt for the first few years of marriage. Particularly, if you’re trying to buy a home together at the same time.

Do you agree it’s time to say goodbye to these weird wedding traditions? Or do you still hold a fondness for some of them?

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