Remington Keratin Radiance Curling Tong Review

Remington Keratin Radiance Curling Tong
Have you ever seen a prettier looking curling tong? The Remington Keratin Radiance Curling tong is a beautiful lilac purple, with a chunky 38mm tong, a digital temperature display with 5 settings and a quilted heat resistant storage pouch. With temperatures from 120 degrees up to 210 degrees and a ceramic tong coated in keratin and macadamia it sounds and looks like the perfect hair tool for big, Victoria's Secret model style curls whatever the thickness of your hair.

I've tried a few different hair wands and I've got a lot of curled styles covered but I was struggling to make really voluminous curls. Remington has a good name in the hair styling world and when I spotted this in the sale before Christmas I snapped it up. I was hoping to be rocking Victoria's Secret hair throughout the festive period - think flowing locks with volume at the roots. I tried it out as soon as it arrived and instantly loved how it looked.
It's meant to heat up in 30 seconds but I found mine took a bit longer, maybe because I prefer to use the top temperatures on my thick, long hair. Having used a wand without a clamp for so long it took a while to get used to but it's good for people who are a little clumsy and might burn their fingers trying to hold their hair in place. The cable is a good length for easy styling whether you prefer the upside down hold or when you're tackling the back of your head. The heat resistant pouch is good for storing it on or in, especially when travelling.

Unfortunately I'm not in love with the results. The big bouncy curls that I achieve seem to quickly fall out into big, voluminous waves. With time even these waves and shape disappear leaving me with hair that looks either badly straightened or poorly curled. I've tried loads of hairspray, no hairspray and just a little spritz but nothing seems to work. I've tried curling my hair in 3 separate sections or all in one layer. No matter how much time or how little effort I put in I'm always left looking a bit bedraggled and not so model worthy hair.

Has anyone tried this curling tong and had more success than me? I'd love to have some words of advice or wisdom, I really want this to work for my hair.

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