Primark Wishlist

It's been a while since I've gone for a splurge in Primark, so much so I've still got a gift card from my birthday in November. I went into Primark in Belfast and left without a single thing. I'm hoping that's not the case this time, especially if I can find some of these treasures. 

Black ripped Jeans
I wear black jeans almost everyday, they're a complete staple in my wardrobe whether it's the weekend of a work day. I want something a little more casual for the weekend so some ripped jeans would be great. Primark does good short jeans too which are good for my little leggies.

Gold Basket
Primark has some good homeware and I'd quite like a basket for products in my bathroom or dressing room. It's a bit Pinterest/Tumblr and I'm sure this would feature in some blog photo backgrounds if I can find one.

Tinkerbell Satin Pyjamas
How classy do these pyjamas look... until you spot the Tinkerbell print. A little bit of fun and luxury all rolled into one. I can't resist a bit of Disney.

Marble Pencil Case
You would think a teacher would have plenty of pencil cases. However at Christmas when I got a new set of colouring pens for my New York colouring book I started looking for somewhere to store them and had no success. They're in a Kit Kat tin just now but I really need to get rid of it to stop me day dreaming about Kit Kat Chunkies.

Pink trainers
 These trainers have been all over Youtube, Instagram and blogs and no wonder, they're beaut! Ideally I'd like a blush pink pair of Adidas Gazelles but that's not likely when I've got wedding stuff to be saving for.

2 in 1 workout top
Primark always impress me with their workout range and I'm hoping to get a top like this that's practical and a bit of a time-saver. Black suits me to a T. I workout from home so don't need anything too fancy.

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