Affordable Wedding Accessories with AliExpress

So 2016 was the year we got engaged and set our date. We're not getting married until 2018 but already we've made some of the big choices and booked some of the essentials that book up quickly. You might think 2 years is plenty of time but there's been a few things we've wanted that have already been booked up - everything happens for a reason! While there's not too much more we can do at the moment I have been getting inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram. I've also been checking out AliExpress for some affordable DIY purchases.

These labels would be great attached to favours, as part of place settings or involved in table settings. Working out at 3p a label and with so many options these are a fantastic added extra.

We're definitely doing our own invites. I love all things craft anyway so it would be mad for me to pay someone else to create something so personal. One thing I'm worried about is printing onto thick card. I feel like this would solve all of my problems.

Another item linked to favours but this time some boxes that fold together. These would be good if we were to do fudge or chocolates as a favour.  At the moment we haven't quite decided but these look good.

Gone are the days of plain guest books. These drop frames are so popular and make a brilliant decoration in your house afterwards. This is such an affordable option and comes personalised and with the drop hearts too.

Little added extras soon add up. Something like this would be lovely decorating a marquee or hall or as a prop in a photo. Why spend a fortune when it can be less than a coffee at Starbucks?

I love the idea of a personalised cake topper. Our idea for a cake isn't going to be fancy or overly decorated so a topper that fits in with our colour theme would be amazing.

These are more tags which can be used on favours or attached to gifts for bridesmaids, best men and those that work so hard to make your day special. The possibilities are endless.

I'm so ready to get my DIY on! Is there any other websites I must check out?

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