What I Got For My Birthday

How has a whole week passed already?! I turned 25, a quarter of a century, last Thursday on the 24th of November and was granted a birthday wish, went out for dinner with my family, had a night out with my friends and suffered from the worst hangover of my life... like literally ever. More about that birthday wish. So I'd not even got my yummy Terry's Chocolate Orange cheesecake yet and I was given a little treat. If you don't know, I'm a teacher. My birthday was meant to be spent teaching maths, literacy and PE amongst some other delights however as I went into school at 8am I was greeted by the janitor who told me the heating had broken. By 8.30am the school was shut and the children weren't coming in. We did have to stay and work but that was made better by the big chocolate cake at break time and then home time by 1pm. I couldn't believe my luck!! Now onto the presents...

I received the loveliest, girliest bundle of presents from my family and friends. There was a definite theme of Prosecco (3 bottles don't even appear in this picture), Mojito and pink. This picture doesn't quite cover it all as my main presents included an I.O.U for a Lumie Bodyclock and a pair of Toms. Unfortunately I didn't know they were quite small made so the size 5 didn't fit. They've been sent back and a size 6 are on their way. As for the I.O.U, I think that was getting ordered during Black Friday or Cyber Monday! 

One of the best things about an end-of-November birthday is the advent calendar presents! Mark's sister got me the Benefit advent calendar and it was a lovely surprise. The funny thing was Mark's Mum also bought me the advent calendar, 3 minutes after Steph! They argued between them about who would get to give it to me and Steph won. I've decided to open this every second day on the run up to Christmas rather than the 12 days of Christmas.

If you've looked at my Birthday wishlist you'll know I fancied a Tiffany's necklace and a pair of Pandora earrings. Unfortunately my Mum didn't manage to go to the Tiffany's shop in Florida but she did read about the Pandora earrings. She chose a round pair with a pink cubic zirconia in the middle and lots of little clear ones round the edges. They are a gorgeous pair of statement earrings that are perfect for wearing every day. I love them even more than the ones I featured in my wishlist.

I had no idea my little lionhead rabbit Rory had spent his days browsing the Pandora website searching for the perfect present for me. He picked out the rabbit charm and asked his Granny to order it for him. How adorable! I hadn't even thought about a charm this birthday so this made the surprise even more special.

In amongst the cute little surprises, like the Primark giftcard and Lucozade for the morning after the night before, was some Pop a Balls. These little bubbles get added into a glass of Prosecco (or a soft drink or even milk). I put them to the test on Saturday and they were tasty. I must also mention the Disney Princess dressing gown that my lovely Fiance got me from Primark, it's so soft and cosy. Definitely recommend it for a girly girl. 
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  1. Happy late 25th Birthday! Hope you had a great day, that Benefit calendar looks lush! x

    1. Thank you! It's so nice getting a new makeup product every second day xo