What I Got For Christmas 2016

Before I get started I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. If your day (and days afterwards) was anything like mine you'll have had loads of delicious food and spent time with family with plenty of laughter and smiles. There's been a bit of negativity towards 'what I got for Christmas' posts on Twitter and Instagram but it's something I've done in the past and absolutely love reading myself. So if you're nosey like me then hopefully you'll enjoy it. 

This year both my family and my fiance's family did Secret Santas and between the two of us we stuck to a £35 budget but somehow I've still ended up spoilt rotten. I received some lovely gifts from the pupils in my class including the Teacher's Tin packed full of baking, the teacher coaster and the homemade button canvas. There was also lots of cute and thoughtful things in our couples crate, including loads and loads of food.

One of the last minute things that ended up on my wishlist was a mermaid blanket and it's ended up being my favourite. It's so comfortable and cosy. The grey matches perfectly with my living room. I've spent quite a few hours in it already, some spent browsing the Howden catalogue. So this year we were given a lot of money from our parents towards new internal doors. It's one of the things we wanted to change when we bought our house but it's not been a priority, or something that was in our budget, until now.

I love my personalised cork collector frame. My Secret Santa had paid close attention to the ever increasing pile of corks that had been gathering on our sideboard in our living room. Some of the corks were from our engagement and when I asked my Bridesmaids and I wanted somewhere to keep them. This is perfect.

As a couple we were given 2 gorgeous, personalised tree decorations this year. One was a Claireabella bauble with our names and a Claireabella couple on the front. The other is to mark our rabbit's first Christmas with us. I love that our Christmas tree is beginning to fill up with decorations that tell a story or remind us of a time or place. 

It wouldn't be a normal Christmas without some beauty products. Both of my Secret Santas made perfect choices from the Christmas gift sets in Boots. The Ted Baker scents will be brilliant to take in my hand luggage when we go to Belfast in January and then for popping in my handbag for nights out or day to day. I can't wait to try out all of the Smashbox lipsticks from the Light It Up set.

Some more of my absolutely favourites include a puffer jacket by Cameo Rose and a Michael Kors Jet Set Cross Body Bag. I was so happy to open up this jacket after moaning to my Mum and Dad about a puffer jacket that never arrived. I 'bought' one back in November from a store called Missfiga. Nothing arrived and they never responded to my emails, Facebook messages, Tweets or Instagram comments. I was gutted because I loved the puffer jacket trend but now I'm ready to be wrapped up warm through winter. As for the Michael Kors bag it's such a good size cross body and will definitely be packed for days and nights in Belfast. Perfect Jenna bag.

What was your biggest surprise this Christmas? 

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  1. You got some lovely gifts! I love those tree decorations and of course the bag :) hope you had a lovely Christmas. X