Christmas Gift Guide for Guys

Anker Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth speakers are a must have for any house. You can connect up without wires to phones, ipads and ipods. I've bought this one for my Dad. He'll be able to charge this up then take it into his garage and blast out the music while he works on cars (and other bits of DIY that he gets up to). There's loads of brands to choose from but Anker have got great reviews and suits loads of price ranges.

Amazon Fire Stick
This is probably one of my most talked about gadgets on my blog. I love my Amazon Fire Stick, it's so good for Netflix, Youtube, catch up TV and some of the extra apps. If you've got any boys to buy for that don't have a smart TV then this is a must-have. It's not too expensive either. Perfect for winter nights in or hungover days on the sofa.

Bedroom Atheltics Slippers
Boys are no different from us girls, they love their home comforts too! I 100% know that the person receiving these slippers wants a new pair and after he got Bedroom Athletics boots for the past 2 years I knew this would be a brand to check out. Bedroom Athletic are really high quality. These slippers are going to last and they're super cosy and comfortable while they're at it!

Fitbit Flex
I've bought this for my Dad after he's shown a bit of interest in my Fitbit and he's mentioned needing to get a bit more active after changing job. The Flex is a good option if you've got a smaller budget or if it's more for step tracking, rather than exercise and heart rate. If your budget is bigger then I'd recommend checking out the new Fitbit Charge HR 2.

Silicone Guitar Spatula
One of my Secret Santas this year is a music lover. I could have gone down the actual instrument accessory root but unfortunately I had zero knowledge of this area. Instead I went for something a little outside of the box... a guitar spatula. A practical present but with a little bit of fun.

A bit of a joke present or an added extra, these hangover ice packs are amazingly practical. I'll be adding this in to a gift of drink and might add a bottle of lucozade and a packet of crisps too. A nice little emergency hangover kit.

Football Manager 2017
Games can be an easy option for a boyfriend, brother or friend if you know what they've already got. It became a bit of a tradition for me to buy Football Manager at Christmas for my boyfriend as a new one comes out every year at the start of November. This seems like a popular one for football fans. If they're more into their XBox or Playstation then Forza Horizon 3 is a good one for motorsport fans.

Chocolate Controller
Another little extra to throw in with a game (or maybe a giftcard if you're really struggling) is this milk chocolate console controller. It looks really effective and isn't likely to last long once they start nibbling!
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