Christmas Gift Guide for Girls

True Friends Bottle Light
Doing a friends Secret Santa or have someone special to buy for? These bottle lights are such a sweet present with an extra sparkle. There's so many different messages to choose from so there's bound to be the right one for between you and your friend. There's sister, mother and daughter ones too. I think this would be a good present for a pregnant girly who won't be receiving other bottles this Christmas. 

New York Colouring Book
Got plans to take your girlfriend to New York? Or maybe you've got a friend who's in love with the city. This New York adult colouring book is the best! This could either bring back amazing memories as she relaxes with her felt tip pens or it could have her jumping up and down with excitement thinking about all the amazing places you could visit together. Romantic points right there.

Jack Wills Scarf Set
Boots has fantastic gifts for girls but my favourite this year is the Jack Wills Scarf Set. Who doesn't love a tartan scarf at this time of year?! The colours on this one are perfect for any girly girl. The gift set is also packed full of beauty products including a body butter, some fragrances, nail varnishes and face masks. An amazing box of goodies to pop under the Christmas tree.

Who doesn't love a bit of glitz and glam under the Christmas tree? Pandora is a jewellery brand that has gorgeous packaging, beautiful pieces and is well known for it's quality. It doesn't break the bank like some jewellery designers but you can still be sure to put a smile on her face. These sparkling pink earrings are a perfect choice.

I love this doormat, the message applies to so many of my friends! If you've got a friend who's just about to move into a new house or flat, or maybe they've just recently moved, then this is an amazing present. Who'd have thought homeware would be an exciting present? I'm definitely in my 20's.

If you're buying for someone who has already got a Cinema light box then a bundle of letters, numbers or emojis would be a great gift. Or maybe if you've got a bigger budget (and she's not already got one) you might go all out and buy the lucky lady a light box and extra pack. If you're buying the lightbox you've got to put a Christmas message on it before you wrap it up!

Chocolate Heel
If you've got a fashion forward girl to buy for but don't want to get it wrong then don't take the risk and go for an edible shoe instead! This is a stunning chocolatey gift that tastes amazing. You could be the first person to buy her red soles!

Phone Charging Clutch Bag
Have you got a friend whose phone always runs out of battery? This phone charging clutch bag would be perfect for her! This navy leather(ish) one is from TK Maxx by the Adrienne Vittadini designer. It's a really good size for a night out and would look perfectly stylish with any outfit.
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