Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

It's not easy being blonde. I trust my hairdresser though, and after being this bright blonde for around 6 years now I feel like she knows what's best. Recently she started speaking about Olaplex and I sat up in my seat after hearing it was the product that assisted Kim Kardashian when she went platinum for all of 10 minutes at the start of 2016. It's a 3 part treatment that actually starts in the salon and only the last step happens at home. My hairdresser hasn't brought the first 2 steps in the salon yet, she wants to make sure it's worth the money first by putting it to the test on her own hair but she recommended giving Olaplex Hair Perfector Number 3 a go first.

The best price seems to be on Amazon but local salons might be able to offer you a discount in conjunction with the rest of the treatment. You'll soon realise that a little goes a long way so even though the 100ml bottle seems small, it'll last you for months. So, what is Olaplex and why are hairdressers and celebrities making a bit of a song and dance about it? It's a deep and permanent hair repair that uses a chemical mixed in with the colour to prevent hair breakage and damage. 

Number 3, Hair Perfector takes the treatment and protection into the comfort of your own home and is recommended to be used as a weekly treatment. I use it on a Sunday night, typically leaving it on for about 3 hours before washing it out. It gets massaged into wet hair then washed out after at least 10 minutes. If you've got loads of time on your hands you can leave it overnight and wash out in the morning. It doesn't take too much to get your hair, from root to tip, covered. I typically use a blob around the size of a 50p.

The results are quite amazing considering I'm only using part three. My hair feels thicker and smoother after every use. I don't know if it actually looks thicker but my hairdressers hair has gone from looking limp without extensions to looking healthier without. I think this might be a must have for blondies - it's a game changer.

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