Herbal Essences Party Refresh Dry Shampoo

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo 
Party Refresh 
I'm a self-confessed dry shampoo addict. Washing and drying my hair is a chore so a good dry shampoo that can let me go 2 or 3 days without having to repeat the process is a saviour. I've tried out loads of different brands and versions and have quite a few that'll I'll repurchase but it's still good to keep trying out new ones, right? I was ordering a few things from the Superdrug website and spotted the Herbal Essences Party Refresh dry shampoo and wanted to test it out.

Herbal Essences is a hair brand I've used for years and I was hopeful that their limited edition lily scent would live up to their trusted reputation. I want a dry shampoo that's going to be able to freshen up my hair and remove grease. With dark roots I'm quite happy for a dry shampoo to be white but really an invisible dry shampoo ticks more boxes for being the perfect dry shampoo.

The packaging is typical Herbal Essences - bright and vibrant. It's a nice addition to any dressing table. As for the limited edition exclusive scent it's lovely, really floral and a noticeable scent once it's been sprayed in the hair. As for the actual spray I found it quite wet. There's no residue or white powder from it, so it's totally invisible... but so are the results.

I'm disappointed that my hair doesn't look or feel any different after using this. Using this on 2nd day hair I was expecting my hair to have a bit more life and for any hints of oiliness to disappear. Unfortunately hair just felt flat and dull, and still a little bit in need of a wash. Not the party perfect hair I was hoping for. Looks like I'll continue my dry shampoo search, any recommendations for what I can try next?
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