Feeling Poorly Pick Me Ups

It's officially winter, the season of coughs, colds and the flu. I've been struck by the cold over the few days and it's made me appreciate the little things that lift my mood and help me feel a little bit better. I caught the cold at the beginning of the weekend. I can't decide if it was lucky or unlucky. I was able to get an early night and spend nearly 2 full days on the sofa surrounded by tissues and my pick me ups. A waste of my weekend unfortunately but at least I wasn't having to struggle through work.

I love green tea and lemon anyway but when I'm ill I up the number of cups. Green tea is good for rehydrating your body, it contains phytochemicals which are meant to fight colds and the steam can ease inflammation. If you're struggling with a sore throat or cough adding a bit of honey helps ease a cold and coat your throat. A drop of whiskey makes for a hot toddy that might help your get to sleep.

The perfect accompaniment to being curled up on the sofa is having a candle burning. I don't have a fire in my living room so I love a Woodwick candle to get the same crackling noise that makes me feel cosy and content as though the fire is burning. I love this Cinnamon Chai candle because it smells warm and Christmassy, it's also strong enough that I can actually smell it even though my nose is completely blocked up.

Let's face it, you might not be looking your best when you're feeling ill, especially if you've barely had any sleep the night before. A full face of makeup isn't always the right solution, you might not have any energy to do it in the first place and it's likely to all disappear when you've got a tissue stuck to your nose all day. My essential is the Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer. It's great for under the eye, it's brightening and hydrating. My lips also react badly to a cold, instantly feeling chapped and sore. I've had my EOS lip balm by my side all of the time recently. The mint flavour is a favourite.

Now is the right time to crack out that bathbomb you've been saving. A warm soak in the bath is perfect for relaxing, unwinding and relieving a stuffy nose. It's also good for easing aches and pains. I'm normally a shower person but this weekend I've had a nice long bath with my ipad at my side for Youtube videos and Netflix galore.

When you're feeling unwell it's important to have plenty of fruit and veg for the nutritional value - the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep your body fighting. But when you're tucked up on the couch under blankets watching a film I find a few bites of chocolate is a much better snack for picking up your mood. Be careful not to go overboard... you don't want to be suffering with a cold and feeling sick!

What's your pick me ups for when you're feeling under the weather?

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