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So it's official, we are planning our wedding and have the venue booked! Since getting engaged in April we've celebrated, begun the search, chosen a date, asked my bridesmaids then things kind of slowed down. We're not getting married until 2018 so we didn't feel in a rush and although we've got ideas for most aspects of the big day we've not really gone ahead with much planning until now.

Now that we have the venue booked and the date chosen I feel like it's properly time to start planning. That's such a daunting feeling and it left us a bit puzzled where to look next. Thankfully I'd been gifted the Bride to Be Planner (a Best selling gift if you're wondering what to get as an engagement present).

The planner is a gorgeous book with a linen spine and foil title on the cover. It's not too big (slightly smaller than A4) and is perfectly organised in 6 different sections with 11 pockets inside for keeping all those business cards you'll pick up at wedding fayres. It's got everything you need to plan your special day and guide you along with the planning process. Each section has clear prompts, tick lists, space for notes and sections for taking note of all the essential details. This is going to keep me on track for the next 600 and 30 or so days.

Getting Started
The first section is very much your saviour if you've just got engaged and don't know where to begin. It starts with a 12 month countdown but obviously if you've got longer you can split it up however suits you. It gives you a good run down of what you need to do and when. There's loads of space for notes, especially at the brainstorming Pinterest stalking stage. There's a budget section giving you the chance to estimate and compare the real costs. That's something to look back on in years to come!

Guests and Stationery
This is one of my favourite sections for keeping me organised at a later date. There's space to write down all of your guest's names, to keep track of invites sent out, RSVPs returned, gifts received and thank you cards sent. It's already been useful for noting down addresses, that's going to save me a huge task later! I like the little space for invite designing too - I'm definitely making my own!

This is quite a daunting bit for me right now. I'm not going to be trying on dresses for at least a few more months but when I do I know this section of the planner is going to be important. There's pages for my measurements, the groom's, bridesmaids', best man and ushers'. There's a lot to think about and to remember! There's plenty of space for doodles and keeping track of all the shops details.

Wedding Day
I feel like this is the biggest section with some of the best advice and lists. Choosing a venue, caterers, band, flowers, photographer, videographer, transport and honeymoon can be really difficult with so many options and this planner has loads of space for keeping track of the different options, prices and contact numbers. It's also good for taking note of deposits paid,  questions to ask and outstanding bills.  

So gift lists can be a bit controversial. I'm not 100% sure on where we stand with them yet but this will be a good place for creating a gift list if we decide to make one. There's also space for keeping track of thank you gifts to buy. Can't forget about that bunch of flowers for the Mums!

  Contacts and Notes
A handy little space at the end of the book for any other essential notes. This might be used for last minute to-do lists on the run up to the day.

Have you got any wedding planning advice, hints or tips? Is there any other planners, websites of blogs I must use?
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