Time to leave Britain?

More and more families are making the life changing decision to relocate to foreign shores. Whether it’s due to work opportunities or for an enriching life experience, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the idea of escaping your current home country and living in paradise. But relocating to a different country with kids should never be done on a whim. It will require meticulous planning and an open mind to make it a complete success. While some are up to the challenge, not all families are. So before you commit to relocating your family abroad, here are some things you need to do first.

Do your research together
If you have your heart set on moving to a particular country, do as much research as you can about it. This should include the immigration process, finding English speaking schools and the cost of living. The more research you do, the more informed your final decision will be. You should also keep your children involved by asking them to help you do your research. They can use the internet or books to learn more about the culture, food, and places of interest in a possible destination. This can make the move seem less frightening,  while also helping you decide whether this country is suitable or not.

Visit before deciding
It’s unwise to move to any country, without visiting with your family beforehand. This can help you do even more research and help your family prepare for the potential move. So consider this a family vacation with a difference. Spend some time enjoying popular tourist areas and attractions but also think practically too. Visit schools to discuss their performance and the possibility of your children’s enrollment. You should also get in touch with realtors to get an idea of what properties are available. If you aren’t able to get transferred, it can be beneficial to start looking for job advertisements during your stay too.

Talk to those who have done it
Without talking to people who have relocated with their family, it can be difficult to know what it is truly like. They can give you tips on moving to France, Rome or anywhere else you might be considering. Learning about their experience can be incredibly insightful and help you avoid possible pitfalls along the way. This honest advice may even put you off relocating or make you even more determined. So it’s definitely a worthwhile task to complete before you commit.
Perhaps you could talk to friends or relatives who have previously relocated to your desired country. Work colleagues are another option who can provide useful information about working in a different country. If you don’t have any contacts to talk to, ask questions on expat social media pages and forums instead.

These tips should help you determine whether or not a move overseas is right for you and your family. The more planning and research you do before making your final decision the more successful the transition will be. Have you moved away to the sun?

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