Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator Moisturiser

Soap and Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator
Night and Flight Moisture Miracle Moisturiser

If you've got dry skin that can tell when the calendar changes to October then you need to try out this moisturiser. I first bought this in February when I was really struggling with flaky, dry and dehydrated skin. I couldn't seem to find anything to help quench the thirst and I ended up buying this as part of a 3 for 2 down to the fact it mentions flights. There must be some real hydrating ingredients in this little pot if it's going to keep your skin happy throughout a long haul flight.

This is such a thick, creamy moisturiser. It's got the perfect consistency in the way it doesn't just sit on the top of your skin and you can actually feel it get to work. My skin feels softer, looks plumper and the tight dehydrated feeling is gone. With it being a night moisture miracle I use it every night but it's actually sneaking into my morning routine too, for an extra boost. With it melting in so quickly I don't find applying makeup a problem.

The smell of this moisturiser is my favourite part (after it's transformation powers, obviously). It smells like a peach mojito, absolutely delicious. The price of this moisturiser can't be beaten. There's no point heading off to the high-end counters when Soap and Glory can offer this quality. It's amazing value for a really impressive product. Even better with Boot's 3 for 2 or Buy One Get One Half Price deals.

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