September Favourites

When I was in the hairdressers at the start of the month we got speaking about different products for bleach blonde hair. Olaplex is big in America after being the range of products Kim Kardashian used when she went blonde. My hairdresser is putting Olaplex to the test but suggested I try the third product in the range. The first 2 are for in the salon, being added to the colour, the 3rd is an at home treatment. It's quite expensive for the size of the bottle but after only using it twice I've noticed a difference. It's a treatment for before washing your hair so I've opted for a Sunday night pamper while watching X Factor then wash it out just before bed time. It's already making my hair feel healthier, fuller and have less breakages. Has anyone had any experiences of Olaplex?

The weather is turning and my skin is already reacting. I've noticed it get drier almost overnight. I needed to get a thick moisturiser back into my skincare routine and the most obvious one to me was the Soap and Glory Night and Flight Moisture Miracle. It's formulated for intense moisture overnight or long haul flights so works wonders at repairing dry and dehydrated skin. I've been using it every night since buying it at the beginning of the month.

With the stresses of work and changes of weather I was really keen to get my skincare routine under control. I was feeling like the Micellar waters were an easy but lazy option and they weren't making a difference to my skin. With Buy One Get One Half Price in Boots when I was repurchasing my moisturiser I bought a new hot cloth cleanser. I've used it religiously every night and I feel like my skin is looking so much better. It's definitely agreeing with my dry skin and leaves it looking and feeling clean every night.

Of the 3 Bold Metals Makeup brushes that I bought back in July this is the one that I've used and loved the most. It's meant to be a blush brush but I've used it day in, day out for my concealer. It's so light and fluffy, it's the perfect size for concealer under the eyes, at the side of my nose and across my chin. 

I reviewed this concealer towards the end of August and have continued to use it throughout the whole month of September. It's so creamy and pigmented it's perfect for my dry skin and under my eyes. Stressed out and little sleep is well disguised with this concealer. I just wish it wasn't so hard to get a hold of in the lightest colour!

A favourite yet again. I feel like I never watch live TV anymore. The Fire TV Stick is the best for watching Youtube on the TV, for catching up on the Bake Off, for watching films and boxsets through Netflix and Amazon Prime. My Autumn nights are sorted. I'm open to any TV show recommendations too, we've just started the Sopranos but I'm not hooked yet.

What's been your September Favourites?

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