Primark Haul - October 2016

While we were away in Edinburgh I did a lot of shopping. It was always part of my plan, however I didn't realise that the majority of my shopping would be from Primark alone. I did shopping in Princes Street, Fort Kinnaird and Livingston Primarks. It's mad to think I could buy such different things in 3 different places but at least it meant I didn't have to worry about the no-purchase regret.
 Blue and Cream Tartan Scarf £4
Cream Pom Pom Hat £2.50
Primark has loads of different tartan scarves and pom pom hats. I loved the cream hat and wanted to get a scarf that would match. This one is completely different to the 2 that I already have and hopefully it goes with a lot of outfits.

Silver Christmas Baubles £3
Disney Christmas Baubles £4
I couldn't resist hunting down the Disney Christmas decorations. I couldn't believe how few were left in all 3 of the stores I was in. With a silver, purple and pink theme for our decorations I didn't want to spoil it with the red and gold Mickeys. The 4 silver baubles were too gorgeous to leave behind.

Contour Sticks £3
Oval Blending Brush £3
These are some of the first things I've bought from the Primark makeup range. I mentioned in a wishlist post that I wanted the highlighting crayon trio but the contour set caught my eye and is something I'd use more often. Oval blending brushes are all over the place at the moment and a £3 brush seemed like I good option to see what all the fuss was about. 

 Ankle Grazer Jeans £13
Chain Edge Pumps £3 (down from £8)
As a shorty the ankle grazer jeans actually mean I can find a normal pair of jeans without having to search for short leg sizes. These are casual and comfy and don't have too many rips or distressing. You can never go wrong with a pair of black pumps for wearing to work and these were a little sale bargain.

Super High Waist Jeans £8
Grey Jumper £7 
The super high waisted jeans from Primark are so comfortable and really good fit. They also seem to be going down and down in price. I repurchased a pair because my last ones are starting to fade slightly. It was really cold in Edinburgh so I was feeling the cosy jumper vibe. This grey jumper was by itself when I spotted it and it was in my size, what's the chances? This looks great with a statement necklace.

Black Trim Blouse £7
Shearling Waterfall Jacket £25 
I feel like I buy a blouse from Primark every time I go in. It's 100% part of my style, whether it's workwear, dressed up or casual. This one has hints of the pyjama shirt trend. The jacket has so many different materials, shearling, suede and leather it's a good one for wearing for nights out - it's gorgeous. It was in my September Primark wishlist so I was delighted to find it.

Stripe Long Sleeve Top £6
Burgundy Pinafore £10 
I love the pinafore trend right now and this burgundy colour is right up my street for Autumn so this was probably one of my favourite purchases. I bought the striped top to wear underneath, the perfect little Autumn outfit. Is anyone else on a mission to buy a pinafore in every colour?

 Just Chill Pyjama Jumper £9
Workout Leggings £5
I wanted to buy a onesie but while looking for one I spotted this jumper. It reminded me of a Victoria's Secret Pink jumper and it seemed like something I'd wear more often than a onesie. I bought the workout leggings to be able to go to Ryze, the trampoline park in Edinburgh. I had no workout clothes with me and it was a last minute decision to go so I had to make a purchase. How much fun are those places? So worth it.

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