EZ Gel One Step Gel Polish Review


I've got a bit of a love hate relationship with gel nails. I absolutely love the shiny, perfect look of a gel manicure and how long they last without chipping. Unfortunately it's a bit of a faff to do. All of the prepping, base coats, curing and top coats it's not something you do in a rush. The EZ One Step Gel polishes sounded too good to be true so I had to try one out. I went for a light, peachy pink colour in number 6013 by EZ Soak Off Gel Polish.

I wish I'd chosen a darker or brighter colour to put to the test... In theory this is a lovely colour but when you're wanting a quick, easy, one coat gel polish you need something a little bit more opaque. It took at least 3 coats to start looking like I had something on my nails and a further 2 coats to start looking like the colour I actually wanted. This defeats the purpose of a One Step polish, it was just as time consuming. Unfortunately my disappointment didn't end there. The polish didn't stay put like a regular gel polish, perhaps because if the number of layers! Some of my nails were chipped within 24 hours.

Maybe I chose the wrong colour to try out. Maybe a darker colour would work more effectively, would cut out a few steps and would last like a regular gel polish. There's some gorgeous shades like Star Burst and Plum and Done and a few glitter ones too in their regular range with a base and top coat so maybe the One Step polish is just too good to be true.

Have you tried any EZ Gel polishes?

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