Deepwater Horizon at Odeon, Fort Kinnaird

I love Fort Kinnaird for a day of shopping in Edinburgh. There's so many shops and free parking it's one of the best options. There's so many restaurants and coffee shops too, for when you need a pick me up. One of the latest editions is an Odeon cinema and I didn't quite realise how good it was until we were in Edinburgh last week. Picture the scene, sore feet after a full day walking the previous day and a visit to the trampoline park, we were all shopped out and the rain was about to pour down. We could have jumped back in the car and headed home (well our hotel for the week) but it was far too early for our day to finish.
The Odeon cinema is in prime location, right between the restaurants, making it perfect for a date night. There's 7 screens so loads of film options and if you're a bit early for a showing there's a costa inside, time for a hot chocolate! There's loads of choice when it comes to sweeties, juice, slushies and snacks. And best of all, the whole cinema is on one floor so it's fully accessible for everyone. There was lots of staff about and we didn't have to queue for long, even at a peak time.

The ticket prices at Odeon are really quite competitive, meaning your trip doesn't have to break the bank. An adult in standard seating is £9.75 whilst premier seating is £11.25. We've never sat in premier seating until now but for someone who's over 6ft it was fantastic (that's my boyfriend, not me obviously). Premier seats are that bit comfier, wider, more leg room and have the best positions in the screen. There's also a student deal which is fantastic value.; £10 for a ticket, popcorn and soft drink. Jealous I'm not a student anymore.

We both had regular popcorn and regular drinks and even without a dinner I felt a little bit greedy. The popcorn lasted me about 90% of the film, it was a really generous size. I had sweet popcorn and it was delicious. I was stuffed by the end of it. I was also a bit wary of drinking all of my diet coke, I didn't want to have to nip to the toilet it in middle of the film, thought the toilets were really central to the screens which is great. I went before and after the film so didn't miss a second, and there was lots of toilet cubicles which is great when it's busy and they were all really clean. My only problem was the pull doors at the screen... how do you open a door with both hands full of food and drink!?

So we went to see Deepwater Horizon* on my boyfriend's request. I'd seen it be mentioned on Facebook and Twitter but I didn't really know what it was about or what to expect. I had seen people say take tissues and boy were they right! What a gripping film. Based on a true story of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico it's perhaps a little predictable as you know how the real story turns out but the way the film was made had me sitting on the edge of my seat. There was a lot of oil industry terminology throughout that had me a little confused but the building tension and emotional elements, along with great acting had me forgetting about that quite quickly.  Living in Scotland, a lot of my friends' partners work offshore. I couldn't let them watch this film because there's no way they'd let them go back off shore. Bringing this man-made disaster to our attention in a hard hitting way I would say this film definitely does it justice. 100 % recommend it. 4 and a half stars out of 5 maybe!?

Have you seen Deepwater Horizon? How often do you visit the cinema?
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