Boys Don't Knit - T.S Easton

This is something a little bit different for my blog. I don't read very often but when I do I get completely engrossed in the book. That's what happened with this book and I had to share it. I actually borrowed this from my public library because I take my class to the library every  fortnight at work and choosing a book was part of being a 'reader role model'. I didn't read the blurb, I quickly chose this one because of the bright cover and intriguing name.
If you like The Inbetweeners then there's a fair chance you'll like this book. It's a contemporary young adult book with a male lead, written in a diary format. Right from the beginning it's packed full of innuendos and a mad but funny plot. I laughed throughout the whole book, along with some second hand embarrassment thinking back to teenage years.

The book is about a not so popular boy and his questionable group of friends (see what I mean about The Inbetweeners?), a run in with a lollipop lady and a knitting class for probation. There's the perfect amount of school-life run-ins, combined with teen romance and knitting drama to keep you hooked.

There's a sequel titled An English Boy in New York and if it's half as daft and funny then it'll be another one to get my hands on.

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