Why Every Fashionista Needs To Visit New York

New York is one of my favourite places to visit as it’s full of amazing shops, sights, and food. And millions of people agree with me as they visit the city that never sleeps every year. In fact, many fashionistas go to New York just for an extended shopping weekend! After all, they often have the latest fashion trends before everywhere else. And New York fashion week is one of the biggest dates on fashionistas calendars! Here are some of the top reasons why every fashionista needs to visit New York.

You will spot many amazing style ideas from just walking around the city
As it’s one of the most popular cities in the world, there are millions of tourists swarming around every year. You will spot many models and fashionistas just wandering around the shops in New York. Therefore, you are bound to get some great style ideas from just walking around the city and people watching. You are bound to see a few celebrities while you are on your trip and will have clothes envy!

They have several large department stores including Macy’s and Saks
New York is home to several large department stores that you will want to visit while you are on your trip. In fact, it’s even home to the largest in the world which is Macy’s. You will find some of the top designers in Macys such as Adrianna Papell and Michael Kors. Other great department stores in New York include Saks Fifth Avenue. As it says in this feature, the shoe floor is a must-see as it is full of luxury shoes and a chocolate bar! If you can’t get to NY, the store does have a site which delivers to the UK. You can also find discounts such as Saks 5th Ave Coupon Codes so you get a good deal on the items online!

They have an amazing outlet centre called Woodbury Common
Every fashionista also needs to book a trip to Woodbury Common when they are visiting New York. It’s often named the world’s finest outlet centre with all the top brands and designers being situated here. I’ve talked previously about how great it is for getting a good deal on the top brands. Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, and Chloe are just a few situated in the outlet centre offering amazing discounts!

You will get a better price for clothes than in the UK
One of the main reasons why people go to New York for shopping is that they get a great deal for their money on clothes. You can find the same clothing in the UK for a much cheaper rate in New York. Therefore, you won’t feel as bad buying that gorgeous Tiffany bracelet while you are in the amazing city!

As well as finding the popular high street and designer stores in New York, there are so many unique stores that are worth visiting. If you wander into Brooklyn, you will find some great shops such as Zoe which is worth taking a look in. You will find some great items that you will never see back in the UK. You can read more about the best places for fashionistas in this article.

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