The Right Way to Have a Spontaneous Holiday

People often romanticize spontaneous holidays. After all, what sounds cooler than suddenly deciding to get on a plane and jet off to a new country in just a few days? The popular idea behind a spontaneous holiday is that you just buy tickets and go, with pretty much no planning whatsoever.

I get the attraction in that. But the problem with all of this is that going anywhere without doing at least some planning isn’t a smart move. The fact is that you can have a lot more fun if you take a little more time. Of course, you want to keep the spontaneity, so speed is still at a premium. Just because you have a careful approach to this sort of thing, it doesn’t mean the holiday isn’t spontaneous! Here are some tips that will help take the stress out of a spontaneous holiday without skipping on excitement!

Get your travel permissions ASAP
If you want to head off to a new country pretty soon, you need to get this process going immediately. Applying for the necessary permission to enter the country you want to visit isn’t always the quickest thing. As long as you get it done as early as possible, you should be okay. You should always look into all the options available to you when you do this. For example, you can get either a visa or Electronic Travel Authorization if you want to go to Canada. Read more at

Don’t buy the first tickets you see
Quite often, people decide to go on spontaneous holidays because they’ve just eyed an amazing travel deal. This is the ideal way to go about things, really. But not everyone comes to their decision in this fashion. They might be daydreaming one day and suddenly come upon the idea to go to, say, Tokyo. Trying to keep in the spirit of spontaneity, they search for travel packages and snap up the first one they see. This locks them into their decision and keeps things fast. But just because you’re trying to be spontaneous, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spent a good amount of time hunting for the best deals. After all, what’s a few hours if it can save you hundreds of dollars? Read up on this at

Research the things you might want to do there
Many people would balk at the idea of doing any sort of planning - more specifically, any sort of itinerary. And it’s true that a spontaneous holiday shouldn’t be planned thoroughly to the last letter and minute. But if you don’t have at least a vague idea about what you want to do there, you might just find yourself wasting a trip! You’ll end up finding out about these things once you’re already home. So what you should do is make a list of the things you really want to do when you’re out there. But once you’ve done that, halve the list. That’s right: take away at least 50% of the things you’ve written down. Limit yourself now to free yourself up later. Read more at

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