Scrub Love Review - Mint Temptation

My holiday 'tan' is quickly disappearing, if not completely gone. I've been thinking about getting the fake tans and gradual lotions back out to give me that healthy glow but I need to get my skin in perfect tanning condition and have something at hand to avoid the dodgy, splotchy look.

ScrubLove is an organic coffee scrub brand made in the UK with natural ingredients like coconut, tea tree oil and argan. Everything included in the coffee and sea salt blend is for hydrating, softening, moisturising, nourishing, polishing and tackling cellulite. An all round scrub for before and after fake tanning!

First things first, you won't need an air freshener in your bathroom anymore once you've opened up your Scrub Love Mint Temptation pouch! The mint scent is really strong, it hits you as soon as it's open. It is a gorgeous scent though and if you're not a fan of coffee you don't even smell it.

Be warned, it is messy. You kind of realise this as soon as you open it and delve in. My bathroom looked like I'd decided to do a bit of gardening - all over the floor and shower. The best way to reduce the mess is to put it on inside the shower or bathtub that way you can make an attempt to hose it down afterwards. Not the best if you're in a rush, maybe reserve this for those pamper nights.

Hydrating, softening and moisturising are three things you're sure to achieve with ScrubLove. A wee handful for each section of your body is more than enough. I focused on my arms and legs, especially elbows, knees and ankles. I also buffed it across my chest and tummy before hopping in the shower and washing away the scrub. It's amazing how baby soft your skin can feel.

As for the nourishing and polishing you wouldn't need to think of using any other exfoliators once you've got this coffee body scrub. It's not abrasive so it's perfect for sensitive skin but it still works to tackle dead skin and patches of fake tan that don't want to part from you. As you can see from the photo I wasn't worried about using it on my face with all of it's natural ingredients. 

Have you used any coffee scrubs?

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  1. I have heard such great things about coffee scrubs! Will definitely have to try one out!