Results with Lucy: Eatwell with Nakd

While following the Results With Lucy Beginners plan I've made quite a few changes to my diet. I had my breakfasts under control and I've enjoyed trying out different lunches. When it comes to snacking, especially when I'm in a rush, I find it hard to always stay on track. I tend to grab an apple or some strawberries but about 3.30pm-4pm when I'm just finishing work I risk making wrong choices. I wanted something I can have tucked away in my handbag or can grab from the cupboard without any prep and Nakd bars seemed like the best option.

Nakd bars are raw, vegan, wholefood, dairy free and mostly gluten free. There's no added sugar and they're one of your five a day. It's hard to believe something like that would be tasty but boy am I converted! There's so many different flavours and when you've got a sweet tooth like me it's nice to be able to enjoy something chocolate flavour without feeling an ounce of guilt. The 11 flavours in the mixed cases are Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Orange, Cocoa Mint, Cocoa Crunch, Berry Delight, Strawberry Crunch, Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Banana Crunch, Rhubarb and Custard and Cashew Cookie. So far my favourite is Cocoa Orange but I've still not had the chance to try them all! 

You know Nakd bars are truly healthy (and completed on track with Results With Lucy's plan) is the ingredients list. Most 'healthy' cereal bars still have a huge list of ingredients including sneaky syrups and additives. Nakd bars typically have about 5 ingredients including dates, cashews and raisins. They're natural, soft, chewy, wholefood bars.

The problem, like a lot of healthy food is they're on the pricier side. A box of 4 bars can cost £2.75 when you buy them in the supermarket. That's why I'd recommend the mixed case from Amazon. It works out at about 52p per bag instead of nearly 70p, quite a difference. All of the boxes have good use by dates too so you don't need to worry about buying in bulk and having to eat them in bulk as well! The next Nakd product that I'm eyeing up is the Nakd Nibbles - Salted Caramel sounds amazing.

How do you achieve convenience and variety in your healthy snacks?


  1. It took me a while to get used to the texture of these bars, but now they are a great alternative! But, I do agree that they are quite pricy!

    1. When I ate the first one I wasn't sure but the Crunch ones are definitely the best for starting out xo