Writing a Bucket List ♡

Creating the ultimate bucket list is a very personal thing. Chances are, you’re not going to want to do the same things your best friend wants to do. Everybody has their own ideas of what seems exciting, fun, and worthwhile. Your bucket list is something that should motivate you and make you feel excited about life - it isn’t designed to make anybody else feel this way!

Don’t Feel Pressured
First of all, don’t feel pressured to add something to your list just because somebody says you should, or because it seems to be on everybody else’s list. As I mentioned before, these lists should feel very personal to you. There’s no point adding something that just doesn’t feel like ‘you’. Chances are, you won’t end up ticking it off this way, either! Also, make sure you’re not just adding things in because of your ego. Sure, it would be nice to say that we can do/have done certain things. But how much do you really want to do them? You need a better reason for wanting to do things, other than ‘it sounds good’. Only add things that you genuinely want to do and can see yourself doing one day.

Don’t Let Limits Stop You From Including Something
Too many people skip things on their list because they feel they aren’t able to do it. Sometimes they say they are too poor, sometimes they say they are too old. There are an abundance of reasons to say you can’t do things. These are all just excuses. Most of the time, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Although you should be able to see yourself completing this list, it’s also supposed to include your dreams and aspirations. Don’t let your current situation stop you from including something. You have the power to change it and do whatever you like!

Give Yourself Time/Milestones
To make your bucket list more feasible, give yourself times and milestones you’d like to complete certain things by. For instance, summer and winter. Or you could do year's 2016-2017. You can split it anyway you like. Doing this will give you more motivation to complete it. When you see how much time you have, you can then do things like save up and find the perfect hotel for your stay. If you’ve always dreamed of visiting a place like Kuala Lumpur, you’ll need plenty of time to look for a hotel in kl and find one that’s central to most of the things you want to do. 

Make Your Goals Clear And Doable
Wording your goals in a way that makes them clear and doable will be better for you. Instead of saying ‘travel the world’, write down the individual places you would love to travel. This gives you something clear to aim for, and you’ll actually know when you’ve completed it. In many cases, travelling the whole world is unrealistic and you won’t complete it. Plus, there are probably some places you don’t even want to visit. This is why it makes more sense to be more specific.

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