Summer Holiday Favourites

My kindle becomes my best friend in sunny weather. I could sunbathe for hours as long as I've got a good book to read. During my week break in Mallorca (including travel time) I read 8 books. There's no way I could have packed 8 books to take with me and I probably couldn't have chosen that selection before I was lying on the sun bed. I read a whole range from Girl Online: On Tour to Lateysha Grace's Autobiography, Hunger Games to Shannon - Betrayed From Birth

I chop and change my lip balms quite a lot and my recent favourite is without a doubt the Carmex lip balm stick. It's not thick and sticky and doesn't get stuck under my nails. It's got SPF and leaves my lips feeling hydrated and soft. 

With a bit colour in my face I've been keeping makeup to the minimum. My eyelashes are already done with my eyelash extensions so the only other thing to tackle is dark circles and blemishes. It's nice leaving my skin to breathe and I quite like the look of my freckles.

Using a face specific sun cream was so important for me to prevent a red nose and forehead. This sun cream was light, didn't leave my skin feeling suffocated and didn't block my pores leading to blemishes. I suppose it's thanks to this that I've been going makeup free for the majority of the month.

Since coming back from our holiday I've been making sure to keep my skin moisturised and avoid any peeling. Our aftersun ran out quite quickly (the first bottle disappeared by day 4) and I've since relied on this Soap and Glory classic. It smells delicious and works wonders. I've been keeping it away from my boyfriend though, or I'd have none left!

This is a bit out of the ordinary for me. I'm not normally one to play games on my phone but I saw a few Youtubers talking about Best Fiends (and being paid for it no doubt) and I gave it a go. I've since been hooked and have wasted away quite a few hours playing the addictive little game. I'm on Level 59 which isn't too bad for an amateur gamer like me.

Have you been on any holidays recently? Which apps can you not put down? Any kindle book recommendations, just in case the sun comes back out?

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