Solving Your Jewellery Problems

I think a lot of people get their jewellery wrong or make it more complicated than it needs to be. There are actually quite a few issues people can encounter when choosing and wearing jewellery, so check out the guide to solving them below.

The first mistake that a lot of people make is that they don't know to look for nickel free jewellery. A high nickel content in costume jewellery can give you an allergic reaction.
Some folks just get that green tinge when the take it off, other that have or sensitive skin can find that they get a small bumpy, itchy rash. Some people deal with this by avoiding jewellery with nickel in altogether. Others have found a way round it by painting clear nail polish on the jewellery wear it meets the skin to protect the skin from direct contact.

Matching Outfit and Jewellery
The next issue that a lot of people come across os not picking the right jewellery for their outfit or the occasion they are attending. You should match the type of jewellery to your outfit where possible. Evening dresses deserve finer pieces such as pearl drop earrings or diamond solitaire necklaces. Remember that in this case; your jewellery should be setting your outfit off, and not distract from the drama of your dress.
Conversely, when wearing a casual outfit to meet with friends for lunch, inject a bit of style and drama with an oversized statement piece. This can really liven up a dull outfit.

The proportion of the jewellery that you pick is vital to the overall success if your outfit. Long drop earrings accentuate your neck and make it appear longer and leaner. A chunky necklace works well for a curvy lady because the proportions are more in sync. Experiment to get the look that suits you best.

Another major issue with jewellery is its wearability. It's all very well having a jewellery box lined with expensive cocktail rings and authentic gemstones, but do you have anywhere to wear them? If you are just going to work each day, is it really worth while investing in that tiara?

A good solution the wearability issue is the new breed of charm bracelet. These European charm bracelets have a solid chain of metal or leather and bead with holes through the centre which you thread on. They are such a good idea because you can change the bracelets and the beads to give you unlimited options. Then you can match them to your outfits, the occasion and your style. Of course, they also have the added benefit of sentimental value, as people are often bought charms to remind them of a special time in their lives.

Lastly, a major issue I see with jewellery is that people don't buy the right colour. Yes, I am talking about the colour of the gems real or fake, but also the colour of the metal too. Did you know that gold and rose gold looks better people with warmer skin tones, while silver and white gold set a a colder skin tone?

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  1. I had an allergy a couple of years ago to Primark jewellery, I have since stayed faaarrr away! xx