Primark Makeup Brush Cleanser

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Makeup Brush Cleanser

I'm not the best at cleaning my makeup brushes. I always make a complete mess of the sink with foundation, bronzer, blush and concealer pouring out of my brushes. It's amazing how much product sinks into the bristles. So with the help of a handy little product from Primark, that costs less than a coffee from Starbucks, I've changed my approach and now keep my brushes clean on a day to day basis. Obviously a deep clean is still needed regularly but instead of going weeks, or months, with dirty brushes I can now spot clean with ease. All it takes is a spray or two of the makeup brush cleanser (which comes in a handy little spray bottle), twirl it around on a piece of kitchen towel and your brushes are back to a slightly more hygienic state. It's amazing what a cheap little product can do to your makeup routine.

How good are you at keeping up with the makeup brush chores?


  1. This sounds amazing and is so cheap!

    Parie x

  2. Wow how amazing for the price! Especially compared to MAC's!