Primark Haul: August 2016

The weather this summer has been pretty miserable. I feel like since I came back from Mallorca there's not been many days that the rain hasn't made an appearance. I'm going to blame this for my very Autumnal Primark Haul - it's still the Summer for goodness sake! Primark has definitely moved on from Summer too though, and seemed to have a lot of their bright, cheery stuff on sale and replaced it all with dark and cosy clothes. I don't think I'm quite ready for that just yet, I'm still on holiday from work after all. 

This 'kimono' jacket caught my eye from across the shop and I somehow resisted and didn't put it in my basket. I thought about it quite a few times while in other shops so it's a little wonder I went back and bought it. It's quite oversized and I'm glad I tried it on, I ended up buying it in a size 6! It's quite a smart, casual jacket that will go with so many work and non-work outfits.

 £3 down from £6
This is a gorgeous Autumnal colour and somehow it was in the sale. It's a nice shape and actually looks gorgeous with the kimono jacket. Another work or non-work item - cheap too.

 £2 down from £6
This almost, plain white tee was in the sale and the perfect chilled out T-shirt that looks like you tried to make a bit of an effort. It's slightly on the see through side but not so bad that you need to wear a top underneath.

Would you believe I don't have many striped tops? Certainly no chilled out ones. This is the perfect top to wear with a pair of jeans for most occasions - walking the dog, lunch with the girls or even work. A statement necklace and pair of sandals can transform a look.

My Results with Lucy 3 Month plan is well underway and so a few sportswear items was essential. I've got loads of leggings but not many proper, dry-fit tops. I loved the straps on this one and the grey isn't bright and gaudy. 

To go with my new grey top I bought an almost matching sports bra. This style is really comfortable, gives me enough support and isn't complicated or awkward to put on. The turquoise trim is a nice added touch.

The reed diffuser in our hallway had almost run out the morning of my shopping trip so it was handy that Primark had a small range of diffusers next to the till - impulse buy. Vanilla is one of my favourite scents so I didn't need to worry about smelling it before buying it.

You could laugh at 'shopping is my cardio' but I did 20,000 steps during my day at the shops. Finding a healthy snack was a must and Primark had a few different options to choose from (hidden amongst their chocolate and sweeties). I loved dried banana and £1 for a bag of Banana chips is actually a really good price.

What season are you in - holding onto summer or ready for Autumn?

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  1. Shopping is definitely my cardio!! (At least that's what I tell everyone) I love Primark diffusers so cheap, yet still smell amazing! x