Pre-Holiday Detox

For some people getting your body out on the beach is the worst part of going on holiday. You might worry about what you will look like as you strut your stuff down the beach. It can be a nightmare getting in a bikini if your body insecurities include your tummy and legs. To enable you to feel more confident on the beach, you can to go on a pre-holiday detox. It will ensure you look your best when you do have to get into that tiny bikini. Here is some unmissable advice you need for your pre-holiday detox.

Go Organic
If you switch your processed food to organic it’s a great way to detoxify and lose weight before your holiday. Simply switching to organic food for a couple of weeks before you head on your travels will show you some results. When you are eating processed food, you are exposing your body to chemicals which will clog your system. You need to stick to free range chicken and organic fruit and vegetables which will clean your digestive system. A lot of people also give up gluten and dairy during their pre-holiday detox. It can make you bloated, which will stop you feeling confident in your bikini.

Get Sweating
You need to get sweating to detox before your holiday. Breaking out a sweat can help you to burn fat faster. In fact, people can lose a pound of water by sweating every day. Therefore, you should take up some form of cardio which will help you to burn calories. Running or dancing will burn fat quickly; you can lose over 100 calories on a mile’s run.

Consider a Quick Fix
It can be tricky to burn fat fast before you go on your holiday. Therefore, you could look for a quick fix to burn fat fast. You could look at going for a treatment such as fat freezing which removes fat naturally by our system. It shows results quickly, so you can go before heading on holiday. You can find many clinics who will do this such as Jill Zanders. If you don’t want to go for a treatment, you could try dry brushing at home. It stops bloating as you massage your lymph nodes with the brush which releases excess toxins and water. You can read more about dry brushing in this feature.

Go to Bed Earlier
You need to get some proper sleep if you want to look great for your holiday. You need to give your body time to repair in the night. Studies have found that people who have a good night’s rest are more likely to lose weight. You should be heading to bed at 10 pm, so that you can get a full eight hours rest. You should make sure your turn off the light and keep the room cool so that you don’t wake up in the night.

Remember that you should avoid coffee during your pre-holiday detox. You need to stick to spring water and smoothies to help you look your best in time for your holiday.

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  1. I actually need to try dry brushing!