On the Screen...

If you were a fan of Revenge or Scandal, or you're into music then I think you'll like this show. Originally I was going to watch this by myself but my boyfriend came in half way through the second episode and it's since become one of those programmes that we're only allowed to watch together. Empire is going into it's 3rd Season and just seems to be getting better. It's about a family in the Hip Hop music world with their media company Empire Entertainment. Nothing runs smoothly for the man in charge while is ex-wife and three sons are on the scene. It's available to watch on Amazon Prime or on iTunes.

Stranger Things
This one has been all over Twitter and Facebook and quite rightly so. Not my usual type of programme but I was hooked. It's a Science Fiction, Supernatural sort of programme with a bit of mystery and horror thrown into the mix. It starts off with a boy disappearing into thin air and the 8 episodes centre on his friends, family and police as they try to find him. There's an interesting little girl and some secret Government experiments to get your head around too. There's some exciting twists and some pretty scary scenes. The series is a bit slow to start, especially when you've got the high expectations after seeing it plastered over social media but it's well worth getting involved in the intriguing story. 

Finding Dory
I can't resist a Disney film and even though Finding Nemo isn't actually one of my favourites (slightly controversial perhaps) I think this Pixar sequel was fantastic. I feel like it's a film in it's own rights with the adorable baby Dory being explained from the beginning. The story has a lovely message about family with a good balance of humour. The story is ever so slightly predictable but it's a kids film after all. The ending drags on ever so slightly but it's still a fun film with great characters and beautiful animations. We watched it in 3D but I don't think it added much extra to the already funny, warm-hearted family film.

Get a Job
We were looking for a light hearted film to watch on Saturday night and the 2016 film Get a Job about making it in the real world after graduating college seemed like a good comedy choice. It's packed full of actors that had me feeling hopeful but I was a bit disappointed by the sheer amount of sexual content used for humour. At one point we were both questioning whether this was meant to be a comedy at all. The story seems to plod along with some moments of real 'getting a job moments' quickly followed by a cheap gag that just brings the tone down completely. Maybe one to watch if you've been successful in the job hunt after graduation?!

Any movies or TV shows that you would recommend right now? 

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