No Pain No Gain?

I’m sure you’ll have heard the saying ‘no pain, no gain’. Many people seem to think that in order to achieve something, you need to go through a lot of hardship to reach your goal. But you’ll be happy to hear that this isn’t always the case! In fact, it’s now super easy to reach certain goals with minimal pain and effort.

Easy Beauty
A few years ago, invasive beauty treatments were all the rage. Cosmetic surgery was very popular not that long ago. Many women were putting themselves through some painful procedures just to get a certain look. Thankfully, there’s no need for us to go through all that pain anymore. There are now more non-invasive beauty treatments that work just as well. Treatments such as facials and chemical face peels can help rejuvenate your skin and help you look young. You don’t even have to get botox injections for wrinkles now that there is topical botox cream available. You can find out more about it online:

Simple Fitness
Once we were all fixated on gruelling workouts in order to keep fit. But these days, the fun has been added back into fitness. And when things are fun, you don’t notice the pain! Team sports are a big deal these days. Especially as the current Olympics have placed ones such as volleyball and team athletic events into the spotlight. Cycling is also extremely popular these days. So instead of hitting the gym for a strenuous workout, why not just go for a fun bike ride in the sun with all your friends!  Not only is it a great way to stay in shape, but it also gives you a chance to explore your local area!

Fun Education
The pain can easily be taken out of studying and college work. Thanks to the internet, you won’t need to spend long evenings in the library poring over books. Simply go online for condensed information. There are also many study sites that have turned revision into games and puzzles. It’s not just the Internet that has revolutionised education. There are now many apps designed to make learning easy and fun. One of the best is Duolingo, which is aimed at language learners:

Delicious Dieting
You don’t even have to put yourself through too much pain if you want to diet. There are plenty of websites that have created delicious meal plans that won’t leave you hungry and wanting more. You’ll be able to eat healthy versions of your favourite meals. And you can even snack on some meal plans! Next time you go out shopping, have a look in the diet sections. You’ll find healthier versions of your favourite ingredients and products, so you won’t even have to give anything up!

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  1. I have been loving Duolingo and Memrise recently!