Making the Most of your Bedroom

Being successful in life has a different meaning for different people. Some may think it's having a nice car, being a good parent, or getting to the top of your career field. But whatever being successful looks like to you, it will take more than just hard work to get there.

Successful people across all fields are aware that they need to get things in their life to work smarter for them. This is particularly important with their bedrooms. When we think of bedrooms, sleep always comes to mind. While successful people may not need a whole lot of sleep, the rest that they do take needs to be of a high quality so they can function well, each and every day. That is why it's crucial that their bedroom is conducive to that. Read on to find out how successful people make the design, decoration and lighting of their bedroom work in their favour. Which allows them to get the best sleep, and to perform at the top of their game.

There are a few things that can help improve the quality of your sleep in your bedroom. The first is black out curtains. Making sure that the light doesn't get through and wake you before you like to rise in the morning is a good way of maintaining a quality sleep pattern. Blackouts are available blinds or as curtains, and are usually made from heavy material. They hang in a way that doesn't allow light through the window and into the room. You can even get some patterned curtains with blackout backs. Which are a nice way of keeping your surroundings pleasant as well as being practical.
Anyone knows that having a comfortable bed will improve the quality of your sleep, and make you much more awake and ready to go when the morning comes. But not many people know what bed and mattress combination will be the most comfortable for them. Are you aware that if you sleep on your back, you will suit a firmer mattress? This is because you have a larger surface area of your body, touching the bed and your weight is more evenly distributed throughout the night. This makes it more comfortable to sleep in the same position and helps you not to move about so much, which can disturb your sleep.

The range of mattress available can sometime be overwhelming. There are sprung mattresses, Tempur, Memory foam and Hybrid foam. If you are struggling to decide on which one would be the best choice for you, then read this guide to tempur mattresses to inform your decision.

While the mattress is the most important aspect of getting a comfortable nights sleep, we cannot discount the type of bed frame either. Getting the right bed frame can affect your sleep comfort too.  A bed frame that is too small and has a footboard will stop anyone from 5’9 getting a good night's sleep as they will have to scrunch up to fit on it. You should also consider the stability of the frame as well. While iron bedstead looks attractive, then can move and squeak when you turn over in the night, waking you up.

The height and the way you bed are facing can also affect how well you sleep. Some people don't like the low Japanese style beds as they feel too close to the floor, and many others need to be facing the door to get a good night's sleep. Don't discount these smaller factors when sorting out your bed, as these little things can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep and so how your perform in the day.
The lighting in your bedroom will also have a big effect on the quality of your sleep too. The issue here is that we often use our bedrooms for other purposes like meditation, apply makeup or even working if we have a desk in there. Each of the one activities will need a different amount of light, than when you lie down to go to sleep at night. That's why it's so important to have multiple light sources in a room. Make sure you have dimmable bedside lamps for reading, and strong daylights or apply make up for work.

Successful people are often under a lot of stress, but they have ways of  coping with it that allow them to operate still at the top of their game. A good way of dealing with stress in your life is to make your bedroom a sanctuary. A place that you can retreat to, relax in and just be.

To do this you need to make sure that the decor is calming, so go for relaxing neutral like white and creams with an accent of blue. Art should be understated, and fabrics should be tactile and luxurious so you feel it's easy to stretch out and relax.

If you struggle to relax, you need to think about the right habits before bed. So many people scroll through their phone and struggle to sleep, but it’s about ensuring that the phone stays away! And even if you want to read something, a book is a great relaxant. Take the opportunity to find a few relaxing books to put by the bedside and invest in a good pair of glasses through sites like And if reading isn’t something you like doing, trying a relaxation method like meditation can help you a lot.

You can even create a meditation area for some directed relaxation time. Meditation is known to calm, and focus the mind, traits which successful people regularly Foster to succeed and thrive. Pick a corner of the room, where the wall is exposed. Add a pillow to support your legs and you can lean your back against the wall, this will help you to keep your back straight. Place a timer in this area too; then it will sound gentle when your meditation is over.
En suite
Lastly, an ensuite can improve the quality of your bedroom, and you're how you prepare for each day. Just think you will not have to share with the rest of the family, so the start of your day can be relaxed and focused. Another advantage of having an ensuite is that you can install a TV. Then you can be up to date with all the day's breaking stories before you even leave the house. Make sure you don't forget to consider getting a luxury sunken tub either. This will help you relax and calm down from the success and stresses of your day, so you can get to sleep easier.

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