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Does anyone else begin a search online to buy one thing and end up with a whole haul? That's exactly what happened when I was on the hunt for a concealer that I couldn't find in any shops in town. Lookfantastic was the only place that had my colour in stock and I was soon adding a few more things to my basket. I didn't feel so guilty once I discovered I could get 10% cashback through TopCashBack. There's free delivery too! Win win.

Since getting my first Real Techniques brush years ago, when I was back at uni, my collection has steadily grown until I'd got a hold of most of them and used them daily. I haven't bought any of the Bold Metals collection, only admired them when I've been in Boots. They're a bit more expensive than the basic range but look and feel really luxurious. This essentials trio set includes the 200 oval shadow brush (silver), the 300 tapered brush (bronze) and an exclusive 103 angled powder brush (gold). Considering the eye brush is meant to be £15 and the tapered brush is £24 this is quite a good little set. 

At the moment concealer is my must-have makeup product. I've ditched foundation and have tried working my naked skin with the help of a concealer to brighten up dark circles and cover up spots and redness. Collection Lasting Perfection has been the best so far but then Zoella mentioned Bourjois Radiance Reveal in a video and I was desperate to try it out. It seemed like everyone else was too because everywhere was completely sold out of the lightest shade online and in-store apart from Look Fantastic. I don't think it was the cheapest place to buy it from but thankfully I absolutely love it. The perfect coverage and shade.

I know I've just said I've given up using foundation but for nights out or when my freckles inevitably disappear and I return to foundation I needed a top up of my favourite foundation. Revlon Colorstay for dry/normal skin is the best high street brand medium/high coverage foundation that I've ever used. I've bought it multiple times for years and love it even more now that the bottle has a pump.

 Look Fantastic August Beauty Box
I've never had a subscription to a beauty box. I suppose I'm just a bit too picky and not brave enough to risk spending the money in case I hate everything inside. I don't know what made me buy a one-off of the August box but with the Best of British, all British brands, theme I took the risk and I'm not too disappointed with the contents. None of the products seem very big but I think I'll use everything that's inside. Lots of skincare and no dodgy coloured makeup which is good.

Are there any other Bold Metals Real Techniques brushes that I must try? What's your favourite concealer? Do you subscribe to any Beauty Boxes?

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  1. Oooh I saw this concealer on their website the other day and thought it looked marvellous! Will definitely be having another look! x