Get That Summer Glow

Sometimes a holiday isn’t always on the cards, we can’t go and get the sun. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t get that wonderful summer glow. The one you just ooze during a break away. It can fill you with confidence and self esteem. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can do that without leaving the country. We all deserve to feel like that this summer.  

Make the most of fake tan
Fake tan should become your best friend. When applied correctly it can give you a holiday glow without the risk of sunburn. You don’t have to worry about showcasing your skin to harmful UV rays. You certainly don’t have to sit and sunbathe sweating away. You can get the look almost instantly. However, fake tan needs patience and practice. When applied badly it can look terrible. It’s advisable to start with a gradual tan and build it up that way. This means you're less likely to cause streaks or mark on your skin. Another great tip is to use a mitt for application, therefore avoiding those orange palms.

Consider losing some weight
Of course, losing weight shouldn’t be about obtaining a summer body. But it should be done to make you feel better about yourself and also for your health. Being an ideal weight is better for your lifestyle. But sometimes people can struggle with weight loss. This is where you amy want to get some extra help. There are supplements you can take, and with a combination of balanced diet and exercise can aid in weightloss. You may wonder how to use garcinia cambogia, but thankfully there is some guidance online.
Get more active
Having an active lifestyle can give you a healthy glow. It allows you to tone up your muscles, and fitness can help aid weight loss. Being active can also have other benefits like increased energy levels, and offers you better sleep at night. Which means you can look much more rested.

Try a more natural looking makeup look
Makeup is a great way to fake a summer glow. With things like a natural BB Cream, and adding some shimmer in the way of highlighter can give off the desired look. You may also want to consider some liquid blush and highlighter on your cheekbones to give a dewy effect. A natural makeup look will also give a summer glow as you tend to wear less makeup during this time.  

Take some time on your skin
Finally take some time to look after your skin. It would be nice to try and give yourself some makeup free days. But I understand that sometimes you can only do this if you feel confident in your skin. It might be the perfect time to consider some new products.

I'll be relying on this guide next year when wedding planning doesn't allow for a holiday abroad.

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