Empire State Building Light Love

If you didn't already know we got engaged in New York on the 2nd of April this year, but you can read all about it in my Proposal Story post. So if I didn't love New York before I certainly do now. Our house seems to be a bit of a shrine to the amazing city. From New York photos, to photo frames and snow globes. I wanted to get the ultimate New York piece of homeware as soon as I saw it on Valuelights.co.uk - the Empire State Building Lamp.

The iconic New York building can bring back instant memories of the city, whether it's of the view from the Top of the Rock out to the building that features in films like Elf, King Kong and Oblivion or remembering the blue and orange lights after the Knicks basketball game. It means so much to so many people and now there's a glow in my living room to remind us of it all.

The Minisun Empire State Building table lamp comes in silver chrome or black chrome but I preferred the silver because you can see each window indent much clearer. The lamp isn't too big, chunky or tall and sits nicely on an end table next to my sofa. The base of the lamp is a fantastic replica of the 102 story skyscraper and the antenna spire leads up into the black shade. The shade isn't too big and just reaches the top of where the light bulb stops. The lamp uses a BC or B22 bulb which are easy to get a hold of in supermarkets or can be bought at the same time as ordering from Valuelights.

Valuelights has a few other lamps with a New York theme like a Colour Changing Skyline Lamp and a Skyline Floor Lamp, it's a bit too tempted to get something else for another room. So far I've had loads of compliments on our contemporary table lamp, it's definitely a talking point.

Do you have any cities that hold a place in your heart?

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