Body Insecurities

We all have some woes when it comes to our looks. It can stop us from being confident, and from opening up in social situations. We often compare ourselves with others and wish we looked different. Here are some surprising body insecurities girls face and ways to move past it;

They worry about their size
One body insecurity girls face is their size. They worry that they are too thin or too large, and it makes them less confident in social situations. They don’t enjoy going shopping as they worry about what people will think if they buy a particular size. But as long as you are a healthy weight, you shouldn’t feel insecure about your size. If you do feel you are too unhealthy, you can make efforts to lose weight so you can be a healthy weight. A lot of shop sizes vary so much that it is normal to go up and down in the size guide. The average woman in the UK is a size 16. To help you feel more confident, you should read up about clothes that would be great for your body shape. That way, you can accent your best bits and will feel happier with your body size

They are insecure about their height
Another body insecurity girls face is their height. They feel they are too short, or too tall, and it can make them hate their body. They often feel it stops them being approached by men. But you need to know there is no perfect height. There are a lot of celebrity ladies who are shorter such as actresses Anna Kendrick and Hayden Panettiere. They are both only 5’’ tall but are both beautiful ladies. The same goes for tall ladies. Singer Taylor Swift is 5’11’’ and is always with gorgeous guys! You can Click here for more stories about celebrities heights. You need to embrace your height, and you will find the right guy!

They hate their breast size
A surprising, perhaps, body insecurity that girls face is their breast size. They feel that their breasts should be smaller. It often tops the list of biggest body woes. A lot of girls worry that men are just attracted to girls with larger breasts. In fact, it leads a lot of ladies to head down the plastic surgery route. You can also get great bras which will help them to look bigger than they actually are. However, you need to love your breasts whatever size they are. Accept that your body shape would not look right with larger breasts. Wear clothes which will help you to show off the other great parts of your body.

They hate the shape and size of their feet
You might be surprised to know that another surprising body insecurity girls face is the shape and size of their feet. They hate how they look and how big sized they are. It stops them from getting their feet out in the summer, and they hide them away in closed shoes. However, you need to embrace the size and shape of your feet. Paint your nails and buy some open toe sandals or heels today.

Remember that nobody is perfect so try not to worry about what you look like!

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