Birthday Celebrations with Caketoppers

It was my fiance's birthday at the end of last week we had a fantastic few days celebrating with lots of tasty food (Sorry ResultswithLucy, holiday mode was most definitely put on!) His 'main present' was our holiday to Majorca in July so his presents were lots of little surprises. Not quite as grown up and boring as last years Hoover, bin, kettle and toaster - oh the excitement of buying a house last year, poor boy!

Mark isn't fussed by cake but you can't miss out on candles and making a wish on your birthday so I thought a couple of cupcakes would be the perfect alternative. I got a chocolate cupcake and vanilla cupcake from a couple of days before with 2 personalised, edible photos on top. The cakes arrived in a little box that fit through the letter box and were well packaged up to avoid any disasters. I managed to convince him to share them both and they were delicious! Such a clever idea, with quick delivery I didn't have to worry about getting to the shop and they tasted fresh like I'd just baked them that day! If you fancy trying them out or any of their bigger cakes you can get 10% off with the code JEN10.

Homemade card
I've been loving making cards at the moment and this is one describes him to a Tee. He actually appreciated it more than my typical Moonpig or Funkypigeon card because he knew I thought about every little detail. It's also been the card on the windowsill with the most comments so far.

 Canvas from and Beer O'clock Light
Both my parents and I had his mancave in mind when it came to buying presents. My Mum had me chasing Rory around the house trying to get the perfect photo in order to get a canvas made. We both loved this photo, it captures his cheeky personality. Hellocanvas has really good prices, quick delivery and excellent quality. I found this Beer O'clock battery LED light in a local homeware shop and thought it would be a nice addition to his 'Boy Room'.

1kg of watermelon sweeties
I always remember him buying loads of watermelon sweeties from the corner shop when we were in 1st year at uni. It wasn't long before they stopped being for sale and he was gutted. He had no idea they were back in production and I knew a huge bag would be a brilliant present. I had no idea it would actually be his favourite! His eyes lit up when he pulled it out of the gift bag.

A few of his favourite things 
Money was his present of choice from his parents, how grown up, but his Mum also bought him a cute little crate full of some of his favourite things. She'd also been really busy baking some sweet treats including some homemade Caramac traybake and Rocky Road. I'm glad there's a few pieces in each bag so that he's got no excuse but to share!

Fish and Chips!
Because his birthday was on a weeknight he didn't fancy going out for dinner, we saved that for the weekend, so his birthday dinner of choice was something from the Chip Shop. I chose fish and chips and they were as good as the look! I definitely had a food baby after eating all of this but I enjoyed the treat.

Cadbury's Nibbles Cheesecake
If you know anything about us and food you'd probably know that we are both cheesecake mad. If there's a cheesecake on the menu we're very likely to be ordering it. So much so, our wedding cake might just be a cheesecake! My Mum makes a mean cheesecake and a cheesecake was requested for August 25th. He'd quite often choose an Orkney Fudge Cheesecake but this time he went for the flavour we had at Christmas - Cadbury Nibbles!

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