Back to Work Catch Up

This day seems to have arrived very, very quickly. The last day of my 6 weeks holidays is here and it's fair to say the Sunday Blues will be kicking in soon. I thought I should share some snaps from the last few weeks before I'm back into work mode and stressed out by lesson plans and assessments. Fingers crossed I can get organised quickly and stay on track with my work-life balance.

1. I took a quick snap of Edinburgh castle from Princes Street when we arrived back from our holiday. I miss living in Edinburgh but do love the laid back life (and house prices) of our town. 

2. The weather this Summer has been awful. I don't think there's been a single week that's had no rain. I can count on one hand the number of days that I've been able to sit out in the garden and enjoy my holidays properly. Thankfully there was one recently and I was able to read my Elle magazine on my inflatable sofa. 

3. I think I need to go back to work just to stop shopping. I've bought so many different things from wedding planning ideas to birthday presents for my boyfriend. One of my favourite orders for myself came from ASOS. A haul post is sure to follow.

4. My friend had her baby! Her gorgeous little girl came nearly 2 weeks early and is such a little cutie. I couldn't believe how small she is. I really enjoyed getting cuddles and both times we've visited she's been perfectly behaved. 

5. We took Rory on another little adventure, this time into the living room. Unfortunately we've got Karndean flooring and he ends up skating everywhere. In attempt to get off the slippery floor he hopped into our coffee table. We was quite content in there and happy to have a little photo shoot.

6. Getting back into work mode I bought a few games from Amazon to help keeping my Primary 7s enthusiastic. I obviously had to play them just to check that they worked. Equivalent Fractions fairly got my brain working. 

7. I was looking for a healthy-ish treat for Saturday night. The house was full of boys playing Fifa, drinking and eating Doritos and I was feeling a little left out. I could have devoured a bag of Doritos but was determined to stay on track with my Results with Lucy plan. I chopped up some strawberries and melted a spoonful of Nutella - perfect.

8. I've been really enjoying making my own card designs recently. I made this one for our friends to go with their housewarming present. I also made a Smartie Pants one for my cousin after her amazing exam results, I forgot to take a picture though.

9. Earlier this week we finally got the chance to see Finding Dory - even better it was free with some vouchers we had! I loved the film, I actually think it was better than Finding Nemo. There was lots of funny bits and no tears.

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  1. Love Princes street and looking forward to seeing the ASOS haul!