Wedding Planning: The Beginning

So it's been about 4 months since we got engaged and the wedding planning was well underway. We quickly chose a date, then had a moment to reconsider, then confirmed it was definitely the one. I chose my bridesmaids, we chose our location and attended our first Wedding Fayre. We've made quite a few decisions but still haven't booked anything. I can't wait until we've got something booked and the countdown can really begin!

If you've been part of wedding planning (or dreamt about your dream day) you've probably spent loads of time on Pinterest. There's so much to look at and consider. At the moment we're currently thinking about colour schemes so a few of these pictures have been helping me think - it's all about the flowers, chair covers and decorations. I've also been looking at a few of the smaller things, the decorations that will catch people's eye and the fun bits that reflect us.

Do you follow any wedding planning blogs? Any hints and tips?

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