Time for Change: Results with Lucy

I feel like I've fallen into a bit of a rut that happens to lots of people when they move out of their parents house. My boyfriend has a constant supply of treats and snacks in the house and times I would have spent exercising before are now spent doing the house work. This has had a negative impact on any changes I made before and I ended up feeling my biggest when I was on holiday - not good when a bikini is the outfit of choice for 50% of the trip. It's definitely time to make a change and I'm feeling ready and motivated. I searched social media for the best option for me, one that would give me the right advice, help with nutrition and exercise and one that has proven results. 

Results with Lucy came up trumps on Twitter and Instagram. There's a few different plans to choose from, Beach Body Plans to Healthy Eating Plans. I'm really excited to give the New Beginnings Plan (Your New Body- Phase 1) a go. It's a 13 week programme that costs £49*. It's got a progressive workout plan, a daily meal plan and nutrition advice. The plan involves working out 4 times a week, something thats definitely achievable. I'm excited to have a wide variety of workouts selected for me so I don't have the excuse - 'I don't know what exercise I fancy doing.'

To kick start this 3 month change in health and mindset I've taken my measurements - arms, thighs, stomach, hips, bust and bum. I've also got my 'before' photos ready for 13 weeks time. I would share them here now but it's much more interesting to see them with an after/comparison shot.  I'm excited to share my progress including, fingers crossed, inches lost. I'll hopefully have updates on Twitter before a mid-way post and a review at the end of the 3 months. Day 1 has been a success and I've been doing my research so I don't go off track when we go out for dinner on Saturday!

Have you tried Results with Lucy?

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