The Jojoba Company Skin Care Oil Review

You would think with it being Summer my skin wouldn't be so dry and dehydrated. For me it took a bit more than a change of season to tackle the tight feeling. I've tried a few different moisturisers and serums but I've never tried a moisturising oil. Jojoba and Rosehip oil are 2 ingredients which can work together and get deep into the skin rather than sitting on the surface. They're full of anti-oxidants and vitamins, helping to provide hydration and radiant, smooth skin. It's worth a shot!

The Jojoba+ Rosehip Oil comes in a bottle with pipet style lid making it easy to use. I've added it into my skincare routine both morning and night. After cleansing and before using my normal moisturiser I put a couple of drops onto my fingers and massage in gently. It's a non-sticky oil which sinks in quite nicely and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. With simple, natural ingredients it's had no negative effects on my sensitive skin. As for positive changes... my skin feels a lot more hydrated, soft and healthy.

It's a shame The Jojoba Company isn't available in lots of UK based stores but you can get some of their products at Holland and Barrett. The Australian company creates 100% natural, cruelty free skincare products with organic jojoba. Their products are worth looking out for.

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