New Look Sale Haul

I missed out on my local New Look's late night Summer Sale opening so I turned to the website and made an order before my holiday. With most things half price, and a couple of things I nearly bought before the sale, I didn't do too badly. 

Gem Stone T-Bar Sandals
£13 down from £27.99
These sandals are gorgeous! They are a little bit big because they're wide fit but it's a pair I'll wear at night times so don't need to worry too much about walking around in them.

Originally I thought I'd buy a pair of cork wedges for summer but these chunky heeled, platform heels are actually much nicer than what I had in mind. 

My current nude clutch, which is a go-to for wedding dances, is looking a bit tired and scabby so a half price clutch was always going to be a winner. I'm surprised by how big it is but it's good for all the essentials.

Wooden House Photo Frame
£4 down from £9.99
I've never bought anything from the New Look Homeware section but it always catches my eye. This is one of the most sophisticated pieces and will look good in the living room.

I was going to buy this khaki jacket from the Teen section in New Look last month but nearly £30 was far too much - it's a Teen jacket for goodness sake. This is going to a be a staple, through on jacket for the whole summer.

I've finally caught up with the bomber trend and got myself a lovely little floral one. It's not too over the top and it's a lovely soft, high quality material.

I've got a few different tops and dresses that don't sit right and need something underneath. I wanted to give a lace bralet a go and see if it will solve my problems. The first thing I did was check I can wear it on top of a bra, there's no way I'm going bra-less!

Have you shopped in the New Look Summer sale?

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