Mallorca Adventures: Ca'n Picafort & Hotel Haiti

Ca'n Picafort

If you haven't heard of Ca'n Picafort before it's a resort in the North of Mallorca about an hour away from Palma and Magaluf. It's a quieter resort next to Alcudia, that started out as a fishing village but has since grown but still has a homely, chilled out vibe. The resort has a beautiful beach along with a gorgeous promenade. Everything is within walking distance but don't be expecting crazy nights out - you need to head to somewhere like Magaluf if that's what you're looking for. The family friendly resort has plenty of restaurants and bars along the promenade and harbour. There's lots of lovely little shops too if you're looking for a souvenir, a lilo or some holiday clothes. There's a market every evening by the harbour with lots of craft stalls and the weekly market is on a Friday morning. A good chance to haggle and bag some bargains. We stayed in a hotel on the main road in Ca'n Picafort, 10 minutes walk away from the beach and shops. 

Hotel Haiti

After going to New York earlier in the year, and getting engaged, we didn't really have a big budget for a summer holiday. If we were going to be able to go away we'd have to find something really affordable and that's exactly what Hotel Haiti is. It's a 3 star hotel and typically we'd go to a 4 star hotel but after reading the trip advisor reviews we were quite confident that this cheaper alternative wouldn't be a cheap disaster. 

The hotel is really small, there's only 241 rooms and there's only 3 places to go (the restaurant, pool and bar) so no chance of getting lost. The hotel is All Inclusive only so there's no bright band around your wrist. We were a little bit disappointed by the lack of choice at meal times but I never starved! I really enjoyed the salad selection and the Spanish night on Monday was good to try. There's always ice creams too to cool you down. The cocktail selection was fantastic, I really enjoyed trying all the different ones and the bar staff put a lot of attention to detail and always friendly. A slushie was tasty as well.

There's only one pool at the hotel and I did have to put my towel down before breakfast to have any chance of somewhere to sunbathe by 9am. The pool was really deep and in days I didn't want to get my hair wet I felt like I had to hold onto the edge because I definitely couldn't touch the bottom in 80% of the pool. The reps worked hard all day and did some fun activities but I was more concerned about getting through my books and sunbathing. As for the entertainment at night, there was the kids disco and then something on until about 11pm. Karaoke and the quiz were good, there was a musical night with 3 performers from out-with the hotel and it was hilarious, definitely my favourite. Unfortunately there was a Cabaret night by the reps and they pretty much cleared the place out, I was suffering from second hand embarrassment. 

The rooms were a good size, had a comfortable bed and were really clean. The air conditioning wasn't the best but I always had a good night's sleep. There was a safety deposit box that was 2 a day and a €3 deposit. There was a mini fridge which kept our aftersun and water nice and cold. There was free wifi in the hotel, it wasn't the fastest but it did the job perfectly. It was handy being able to get on trip advisor to look for restaurants and keep up to date with Whatsapp and Snapchat. 

With horrible middle of the night flights we didn't leave the hotel until 11pm. We paid 20 for late checkout which meant we had our room until 6pm. A must have after a full day sunbathing. We also booked 2 excursions through the TUI reps at the hotel. One of the guys seemed really honest and helpful, the other seemed like he was working on commission and just wanted us to spend more money. It's definitely worth booked excursions this way though for peace of mind and an affordable transport option!

I had a fantastic week both in Ca'n Picafort and in Hotel Haiti. I'd highly recommend the resort if you're looking for a chilled out week, a family holiday or a mix between being able to get out and about, have fun and relax.

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