Mallorca Adventures: Aqualand & Pirates Dinner Show

In my previous Mallorca Adventures post I gave you the lowdown on the Ca'n Picafort resort and a review of the hotel that we stayed in. Today's Mallorca Adventures post is all about the two excursions that we went on - Aqualand and Pirates Adventure Dinner Show. As I mentioned both excursions were booked through TUI (Thomson and First Choice) at our hotel so they included transfers.
If you're looking for a fun day out for all the family, especially the big kids then look no further than Aqualand in El Arenal. It's Mallorca's biggest waterpark and one of the biggest in Europe.

The selection of rides is fantastic. My favourite ride was the rapids. It wasn't as quick as some of the rides and it's good fun as part of a group. We gave Banzai a go and I was impressed by just how scary it was. We didn't go on King Cobra, though it's won lots of awards, it had a huge queue and just seemed a bit too scary for us. There's a wave pool and lazy river if you're not too adventurous. There's lots of lifeguards - at the top and bottom of rides - but some didn't seem at all interested in what was going on. There's loads of areas for little kids and a chance for them to try out some mini rides too.

Depending on how busy it is you might want to buy a fast pass. It's 10 and you get to skip the queues and use the fast pass rings. As long as not too many people have these passes you should have to queue for a yellow and red ring. On the day we went it wasn't really that busy so we didn't bother and didn't spend too long waiting. 

The food is always expensive at waterparks. If you can bring a picnic -great. I'd recommend it. We didn't buy any snacks from the supermarket so we had no option but to eat! We had a hotdog each and it was 7.50 each. We took our own bottle of water and I'd highly recommend it. You need to stay hydrated and you won't want to be paying over the odds.

You need to get yourself a locker. You can fit a couple of bags in one but it's the only secure place for your belongings. Let's face it when you're running from ride to ride you don't need anything with you. It's €5 for a locker and €2 deposit. If you want a sunbed that'll be a further €4.

Overall it's a fantastic day out and worth making the journey across the island. We paid 46 each which included transfer from the North of Mallorca. On the Aqualand website tickets are 26 for adults and 17 for kids (that's a 10% discount on what you'll pay at the door). We were there from 10.30am until 4.30pm and loved every minute.

Pirate Adventures
One of the most talked about attractions in Mallorca is the Pirates Adventure Dinner Show. It's been running for over 30 years and has had over 3 million visitors including a huge list of celebrities. The dinner show has a pirate theme with world class acrobatics, gymnastics and dancing. Think Cirque De Soleil with a bit of comedy and interaction. 

It's a dinner show so you get your evening meal before a night of outstanding entertainment. The food wasn't fancy but it was edible. You get chicken, a sausage, chips and a bread roll, there's also coleslaw on the table. Then an ice cream afterwards. There's unlimited Sangria, beer and soft drinks. When you need a top up you hold up the jug or empty bottle and they're quite good at topping it up. Once the show has started we didn't need many refills. There's also a drinks menu if you want something a bit more specific and are up for paying. We were seated at a table with a family of 4 and another couple. It was a bit of a squeeze but we were lucky to have nice, chatty people with us. I was also lucky enough to have the best view from the table. 

Originally we were going to go for the cheapest section - Main Deck, but our TUI rep convinced us to go to Quarter Deck to ensure we'd have full view seats. I suppose Main Deck seats might be comparable to restricted view seats at a musical. For a difference of  20 it's probably worth it. Main deck is  54 each while Quarter Deck goes up to  74 in July and August (it's a fair bit cheaper out of season). You can go for VIP, Captain's Deck seats which includes more interaction, fast track entrance, VIP treatment and excellent seats. A good option if it's a special occasion for the kids, but comes with a big price tag.

The show was spectacular from start to finish. The storyline was a little hard to follow at the beginning but it soon becomes obvious. There's fire breathers, acrobats, gymnasts, break-dancers and trampolinists. You've got a pirate to cheer on throughout. We were in Scarlett's section and it was great that the kids were able to speak to them before the show started. You can also meet all of the pirates after the show if you want to hang about. 

There's lots of merchandise to buy from a programme that was only  5 up to cuddly parrots and light up swords for the kids. There's also snacks on sale like popcorn, sweets and crisps. When you enter you get your photo taken and then again once you're seated at your table. These are 12 each. You can't take flash photography, hence my poor attempts at photos of the stage and aerial performers, so if you're keen to remember the big stunts and performers you'll probably want a programme.

Overall a great night out for all of the family with an outstanding performance for everyone on stage. Pricey but worth it.

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