Yankee Scenterpiece Review

I'm a big lover of candles, especially in the winter when it's warm and cosy in the house and freezing cold outside. But the problem with the summer, when it never really gets dark outside here (perk of the Highlands) a candle just doesn't feel the same. There's no glow and cosiness and I feel like I'm wasting the candle just to have a nice smelling room. I've tried out a couple of alternatives like diffusers but I hadn't found something quite right until I was given a Yankee Scenterpiece.

Yankee is no doubt one of the most popular candle brands in the UK and I have them dotted about all over my house. Someone had taken note of this and bought us one of the new Yankee Scenterpieces as an engagement present. It's probably a good place to start by saying it is a fantastic present, for a couple, a Mum, a Granny or a friend.

The Scenterpiece, which is availalbe in a a few different designs, has a flameless heater which melts the wax. Because the wax all stays inside the plastic cup it's not messy and doesn't need to be cleaned up. This means its really good for mixing and matching the scents because you don't need to wait for the cup to be all used up. Just pop the lid back on and pack it away. The Warmer has quite a long cable which is handy for having it in different places around the house. We've got ours on a windowsill in the hallway and it's amazing how much the scent travels. The whole of our downstairs is soon smelling of fresh cotton after we plug it in. Unfortunately there isn't an on/off switch so it is a case of using the plug. It is a lot safer than a candle though so even if it does get left on when you nip out of the house or over night you don't need to worry the same as you would with a naked flame.

At £4.99 for a melt cup they work out as a really affordable option and the perfect little gift to buy time and time again. There's loads of scents available, most of the favourite candle scents have been transformed into a melt cup. Each cup is meant to last for 24 hours of fragrance but we're still using the one we got at the middle of April so I feel like it lasts a bit longer. I love Clean Cotton and can't wait to try some fun summery ones too! 

I'd highly recommend trying out a Yankee Scenterpiece if you're a candle lover who struggles with the summer dilemma. I think I'll be buying one for my Mum sometime too, she's dropped quite a few hints!

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