Will you be my bridesmaid? - DIY Gifts

On the 2nd of April I got the biggest and best surprise when my amazing boyfriend got down on one knee in Brooklyn Bridge Park (you can read the full proposal story here). Since then we've had all of the engagement celebrations and started the decision making process all about our big day. With him studying for another degree it made sense to wait until that was over. I'm a teacher so we had to go for a school holiday. To be able to go on a honeymoon straight away we needed to get married in July. It wasn't too tricky...

Then it was time to choose my Bridesmaids!

You only have to look on Pinterest to see how extravagant Bridesmaids 'proposals' can be and after the amazing presents the girls got for us I wanted to ask them properly with some very personal DIY presents. I spent a long time searching, choosing and researching and I settled with a frame, glittered bottle and card.

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Photo Frame
This was the main part of the present and the one I was most excited for. It all started off with a plain wooden photo frame from B&M. Originally I thought a 6x4" size would be enough but with the decoration I had in mind I opted for a larger 10x8" frame. I bought scrabble tiles on Amazon and the seller FlyingStart was absolutely fantastic letting me choose the exact tiles that I wanted. I glued these on with a glue gun. This proved a bit trickier than expected. You have to wait until the glue is really, really, really hot. Then for the message on a heart. I bought mdf hearts and wrote on them with sharpies. I wrote 'Will you be my bridesmaid' on one side and their name on the other. I tied it up with a bit of hessian twine and glued it on top with the glue gun.

Glittered Bottle
The second DIY involved spray glue and a big bag of glitter. 2 out of the 3 girls are rosé drinkers but lets face it, this bottle isn't likely to be drunk unless it's an emergency so all 3 got a bottle. This one took a bit of trial or error. The first one didn't quite go to plan; it was a learning process. First  I put masking tape around the top of the bottle to stop any glitter going on the lid. I used spray adhesive on different sections and then lightly sprinkled the glitter after about a minute. I did this in sections, tackling the front, then back, top then bottom. When it was all finished I sprayed the bottle again to hold the glitter in place. Be careful not to hold the glue too close or you'll end up with a very bubbly looking bottle! 

Something Old, Something New Bridesmaid Card
The last part was the card. I got the idea from pinterest then headed straight to the Picmonkey website. I had quite a lot of fun experimenting with different fonts and getting it all positioned. The flowers took a bit more work and I ended up getting some help from Etsy. 

Then all I had to do was get all 3 of them together at the same time... that's the really hard bit.

Have you been a bridesmaid? Did you get a bridesmaid proposal present? 
How did you ask yours?

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